Types Of Blogs That Make Money


The amount of money you decide to earn will depend on the type of blog you decide to start. Each blog no matter how you look at it has different earning power.

From my experience in blogging, I’m going to share with you the types of blogs that make money.

Here The Best Types Of Blogs That Make Money In No Particular Order

1- Travel Blogs Make Money

Travel blogs are blogs that talk about travels, tourism, backpacking, staycations, vacations e.t.c

Travel blogs are very interesting but are also expensive because one would need to go on all that travel to be able to share the experience, do and don’t with your audience. 

Ideas shared on travel blogs are usually travel destination ideas, how to get the most from each travel destination, the culture of a particular people, how to dress there, and many more similar topics.

Travel blogs earn a lot of money and most times they also come with YouTube channels to showcase the different destinations.

Travel blogs earn money from affiliate marketing by referring people to the products they used while on their different destinations, referring them to the homestays or hotels they used, cafes or library’s that require online registrations and so many more.

Travel blogs earn money selling e-books and travel guides.

Travel blogs also earn money from sponsored posts on hotels, homestays, and also sponsored adverts and banners.


What type of blog makes the most money


2- Mom/ Parenting Blogs Makes So Much Money

Mom blogs and parenting blogs are one of the best types of blogs and they are also successful and in demand too. 

A lot of new and even old mums are clueless about what to do about their child’s certain habit or behaviour and they go on to mom blogs to seek advice or ask questions concerning the situation they are faced with.

For a mom/ parenting blog, affiliate marketing is usually a huge part of the revenue because baby devices and other gadgets for keeps can be referred to and bought by the audience on the blog.

Mom blogs also make money from sponsored adverts from different kiddies’ products and meals, sponsored posts, and even banners.

What type of blog makes the most money

3- Fashion And Beauty Blogs Makes So Much Money

Fashion blogs are so popular and also they make a lot of money from them.

A lot of fashion blogs have beauty also incorporated in them. They are blogs that talk about the latest fashion styles, what to wear for each weather, how to wear them, how to maintain the texture, and types of different clothing. 

Most beauty blogs, in general, are about skincare, makeup, hairstyles, trending beauty items, and the likes.

Both types of blogs make money from consultation, affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, and sponsored posts.

What type of blog makes the most money

4- Furniture Blogs Make Money

Furniture blogs are the type of blogs to make money from but they have limited options for monetization.

Furniture blogs are blogs that write about different types of furniture and upholstery, how to maintain them, styling, and a lot more of other topics this niche consists of.

They make money based on sponsored adverts and sponsored posts.


5- Blogs About Starting A Blog Are Very Profitable

Blogs that talk about starting a blog are in demand and are one of the kinds of blogs that are most successful. 

Although the niche is a bit competitive, it’s a niche where the keywords are always in high search volume. 

With about 1.4 billion blog owners and counting, the blog owners, particularly beginning bloggers, are always looking for articles to help them grow their audience. Blogs about starting a blog serve as guides to those beginning blogs.

A lot of “starting a blog” bloggers earn a lot of money from recommending the best blog resources like domain name and hosting services, email marketing platforms, automate social media posts, platforms to get the best pictures to use for their blog, plugins to increase site speed and more site insights, security and VPNs for websites, blogging tips and so many other resources. 

An example of blogs that write about starting a blog as their niche and making so much from it includes Neil Patel, Adam Enfroy, Ryrobs, and so many more bloggers.

A “starting a blog” blog can earn money from affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, sponsored posts, blog consulting, online blog courses, e-books, and banners.


6- Real Estate Blogs Are Profitable

Real estate blogs are blogs that talk about real estate, flipping, housing, selecting locations, factors to look out for while looking to buy land, investing in real estate and so much more.

Real estate blogs make money from consulting, sponsored posts, adverts and can also double as real estate agents.


7- Love, Relationship, And Sex Blogs Are Trendy

Love, Relationship, and sex blogs are also the type of blogs to make one successful, and also love, relationship, and sex type of blogs are in high demand because of a large number of people searching for love, relationship, and people wanting to know more. From red flags in relationships, signs, and different sex positions. 

A love, sex, and relationship blog can make money from affiliate marketing by referring their audience to the best sex toys, lubricants. Also, they can make money from adverts, sponsored posts, banners, and books about relationships.


8- Faith Blogs

Faith blogs are the type of blogs that talk about different faiths. Different faith blogs encouraging different religions from Christianity, Islam, Traditional worshippers, Buddhists, Hinduists, and so many other beliefs.

Faith blogs help to strengthen beliefs and are generally for prayers and spiritual inspirations.

Spiritual /faith blogs monetize by referring their audience to inspirational books, holy books. Other monetization methods by faith blogs are sponsored adverts, sponsored posts, banners e.t.c


What blogs are in demand?

What type of blog makes the most money

9- Business Blogs

Business blogs are by far one of the most profitable niches. 

In the US alone, about 600,000 businesses are started each year and all these businesses are owned by people. Also, with the high rate of business failures, business owners want the best resources and ideas to take their business to greater heights.

Business blogs stretch through all types of businesses therefore it is an easy type of blog to monetize.

Business blogs spread business ideas, business tips, business know-how, and everything concerning all types of business.

Business blogs make money from consultations, affiliate marketing, adverts, sponsored posts, banners, partnerships e.t.c


10- Product Review Blogs

Product review blogs are blogs that make the most out of affiliate marketing.

Product review blogs like the name imply list out different products and give pros and cons of each product.

The products may vary from household products, different software, industrial equipment, and so many more diverse products to review and give updates about.


11- Health Blogs

Health blogs are usually run by health professionals like nurses, doctors, or pharmacists. Health blogs are part of the blogs one can start to make money and become successful.

Health blogs are blogs that talk about medicines, illnesses, their symptoms e.t.c

Health blogs make money by giving recommendations, partnerships, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and adverts.


12- Tech Blogs

Tech crunch, a tech blog that writes about games, video games, and more, makes about $163,000,000 annually. The niche technology is a great niche to dive into while choosing a blog type. From AI to the latest technologies, people want to know about the latest technologies and what they can do.


13- Entertainment / News Blogs

Entertainment blogs are blogs that give updates about celebrities, their lives, and the different issues surrounding them. This is one of the most popular blogging niches because a lot of people are curious as to how celebrities are living their lives. Entertainment blogs don’t just give updates about entertainers, they also give updates about everything that concerns entertainment, like events, concerts, shows, and the likes.

Entertainment blogs make money from affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, sponsored posts, banners e.t.c


What kind of blogs are most successful?


14- Personal Blogs

Personal blogs don’t make as much money as the other types of blogs because it all depends on what the blogger sees as personal.

Most personal blogs people start are about themselves and the truth is this, except you are a celebrity or someone popular, nobody cares about your life.

In some other cases, people get a lot of traffic to their blogs and they earn from sponsored adverts, banners, and sponsored posts on their blogs.


15- Animal Blogs

With eighty-seven per cent of households or eighty- five million families in the US being pet owners

Not a lot of people have the time or money to always take their pets to see a veterinary doctor, but almost all of them have phones and data to check up on blogs and search queries to see if someone has put up a post about what their pet is currently going through or why their pet is behaving the way it is.

Animal blogs are very profitable with very low competition and high keyword search volumes.

Animal blogs make money from affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, sponsored posts, banner, and lots more


16- Blogs About Cars

Blogs about cars are profitable and are usually of high traffic value.

 Blogs about cars hardly generate money from affiliate marketing because nobody would want to buy a car online without checking out the spec of that car physically. This, therefore, means that blogs about cars make money from sponsored adverts, banners, and sponsored posts.


Types of blogs that make money


17- Blogs About Bikes

Blogs about motorbikes are very profitable. From Mountain hike bikes to different bikes, people are generally curious about them and their curiosity always leads them to search.

A blog about bikes would be profitable.


18- Blogs About SEO

SEO is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization is a great niche to thrive in blogging. A website without SEO is just like a swimming amateur diving into an ocean.

Search engine optimization helps different robots for different search engines find your website worthy of being on their search engine result pages.

SEO blogs teach the best SEO strategies and give the best techniques that aid visibility on any of the search engines.

To start a blog that teaches about SEO, you first have to be a certified SEO analyst.

Most SEO blogs or SEO companies make money from running SEO services for their audience and also putting up banners on their sites for extra revenues.


What blogs are trending


19- Blogs About Scholarship 

Blogs about scholarships are amongst the types of blogs that are in demand and make money too.

These are blogs that post about different scholarship schemes and opportunities for intending scholars.

This type of blog thrives with a lot of traffic. Also, with a lot of traffic, it’s easier to make money from adverts, banners, and sponsored posts on this type of blog.


20- Blogs About Jobs

Blogs about jobs are in demand and are usually successful because of the high rate of unemployment and people looking for better jobs and better benefits from their workplace.

Blogs about jobs are normally centred around a particular country but some job blogs post jobs around the world.

To start a job blog, one would need to post current jobs that would attract people to their site.

A job blog can be monetized by drafting CVs and cover letters, banners, sponsored posts, and sponsored adverts.



What Blogs Are In High Demand


A lot of blogs are in high demand, but the ones I listed here are all from a place of personal research and experience. Feel free to scroll through and pick a profitable niche or blog type to start making money from your blog this year.

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