Being a housewife doesn’t mean she can’t earn money from home. 

A housewife or a stay at home wife is a woman whose main employment is homemaking, maintaining the upkeep of her home and tending to house affairs.

Most times, being a housewife is an unpaid occupation but there are so many jobs a housewife can take on and work from her home premises.


Here are the 13 highest paying jobs a housewife can do to earn money


1- A Housewife Can Start A Blog To Earn Money

A weblog popularly shortened as a blog is a great means for any housewife to make money from home. From writing articles to editing articles all can be done by a housewife. 


2- A Housewife Can Start A Youtube Channel To Earn Money

YouTube is a video sharing and also a social media platform where people interact with each other, sharing videos, liking and commenting on different posts. 

Just like other social media platforms, a housewife can make money from running a channel on YouTube.

The first step to starting a YouTube channel is deciding on a niche to start uploading videos about.

From DIY( do it yourself) video’s, vlogs, product reviews, real estate, personal finance and planning videos, frugal living, tips and tricks, surveys, and a lot more niches to explore on YouTube.

To start a channel on YouTube, she would need a smartphone or a camera, tripod stand, internet connection and video editing software.


3- A Housewife Can Become A Webtoon Artiste

Being a housewife requires one to stay at home almost all the time and using that opportunity to draw webtoons for online novels and get paid for it is quite lucrative.

For a housewife to become a webtoon artist, she would require to be skilled in using software like a sketch, photoshop, adobe illustrator,  cinema 4d and other drawing software.


4- A Housewife Can Become A Financial Adviser From Home To Earn Money

Right now, everyone is very concerned about things that would help them improve or increase their streams of income. 

Women who are well versed in financial related issues can render their services to different people and get paid for giving them financial advice.

From virtual meetings and webinars where people pay small fees to join in and get knowledge to e-books and courses on money management, planning and investments.

A housewife can take up this role and make money giving financial advice all from the comfort of her home while paying close attention to financial trends.

What can a housewife do to earn money

5- A Housewife Can Start A Thrift Store Online To Earn Money

A thrift store is a store that sells fairly used items and they are usually sold at cheaper prices. Sometimes the items are still brand new or haven’t been used but the fact that they are not first-time buyers, it becomes cheaper.

A housewife can start a thrift store that sells items ranging from clothes, utensils down to other accessories even from her garage and make money as a housewife.

For a housewife to start a thrift store from home, firstly, she would have to decide the items she would be selling and how to get them. She can start from her items that are still in good shape and not in use.

When she gets those items, she can take pictures of them using some props for photography and then advertise them on her social media platforms. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy shops are good platforms to sell thrift items.


6- A Housewife Can Run A Daycare At Home To Earn Money

Child care popularly known as daycare is the care and supervision of multiple children at a time. 

A housewife can turn her home into daycare and do this. She has to have a separate room where she would take care of them and make sure the entire house is always clean because children deserve to stay in a clean environment.

To get customers for her daycare situated in her home, a housewife can tell another mom’s in the park, church, communities and different support groups about the daycare she runs at her home.


7- A Stay At Home Wife Can Become An Affiliate Marketer To Make Money

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing, where the affiliate marketer is paid a commission for everyone he convinces to buy a product or order service using his/her link.

Affiliate marketing is a very good way a housewife would be able to earn money because it is easy to start and it is not time-consuming. 

Different organisations usually pay their affiliate marketers per lead, per sale and sometimes per click all dependent on the organisation’s terms and conditions.

Here is a guide for affiliate marketing for beginners 


8- A Housewife Can Be A Social Media Influencer To Earn Money

A social media influencer uses social media to cause changes to certain things like products to use, services, lifestyles e.t.c.

Social media influencers are divided into 5 different tiers

  • Nano influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Mid-tier influencers
  • Macro Influencers
  • Mega Influencers 

The criteria for the tiers being the number of followers each influencer gets. Influencers with <10,000 followers make an average of about $88, this figure increases when the number of followers increases.


9- A Housewife Can Be A Freelancer To Earn Money 

Freelancing is a process where an individual works for another individual or an organisation for a short term or without an employment contract.

Freelancing can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time, so if a housewife should get started as a freelancer, she can work for money when she has the time and freelancing is very flexible as long as she can meet the deadline for the job.

Freelancers do so many things online from voiceovers, graphics design, UI/UX designs, content/ article writing, blog post writing, website design and development and a lot more services can be offered. Platforms like Fiverr, freelancer.com, Upwork, flex jobs, ProBlogger e.t.c offers a freelancing platform for numerous freelancers.


10- A Housewife Can Be A Virtual Assistant To Earn Money 

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who specializes in giving organizational services to customers from a private location, usually a residence office. The job description of a virtual assistant usually ranges from writing, blogging, search engine optimization, content creation on social media platforms, graphics design, accounting, bookkeeping and other jobs that can be done from home.

A virtual assistant is a great fit for a stay at home wife or a housewife to earn money because it can be done from any location as long as the deadlines are being met. 

To become a virtual assistant as a housewife, you would need to have a service or a skill you would be rendering, a working computer and a steady data connection.


11- A Housewife Can Work Remotely To Make Money

With a lot of software available for online meetings, a housewife can do her regular office work from home, attend meetings and also give feedbacks all from different communication and task management software. In some organisations, remote workers come to the walk-in office only once or not depending on the organisation and what their rules and regulations are.

A housewife can earn good money as a remote worker and also take care of the home simultaneously.


12- A Housewife Can Make Money From Becoming A Transcriber

A housewife who can speak multiple languages like English, Spanish, Espanola, French can make up to $22/hour and about $2,200 monthly from transcribing voice notes and calls to texts from another language to English or any of the languages. 

To become a transcriber on a platform like transcribeme.com is very easy, all you need to do is search for “transcribeme.com” and register as a transcriber, take their entrance exam, it’s free and starts earning as a professional transcriber.

This is very flexible and also a great way for a housewife to earn money.


13- A Housewife Can Take Up Language Tutorials Make Money

For a housewife with a language skill, it is really easy to make money off teaching languages to people virtually.

She can start with teaching English to Asian kids if she is well versed in the English language, also it’s not limited to just English. People search for tutors in other languages too.

An example of a website that hires native and English speakers for tutorials is vpkids.com. 



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