9 Businesses Stay At Home Mom’s Can Start In Nigeria With Ease


What business can a stay at home mom do in Nigeria

Currently in Nigeria, it’s not ideal for anyone including a stay at home mom to stay idle. A lot of business ideas and remote jobs can be done by stay at home moms in Nigeria and not only are they jobs or businesses stay at home moms could do to pass time, but they could also do these businesses to make more money and create a valuable and profitable means of income.

Here are 10 businesses a stay at home mom could do in Nigeria to make money

1- Freelancing For Stay Home Moms 

Freelancing is an act of working without any obligation of being a full-time staff to any organization or firm.

Freelancing is a good means of making money while being a stay at home mom in Nigeria. In freelancing, there is no limit to skills someone can utilize or create value and make a profit from. 

From data analytics, UI/UX design, web design, animation, graphics design e.t.c. Any reasonable skill ranging from technical skills to all kinds of skills could be used to make money at home in Nigeria. Freelancing pays well and it’s dependent on the individual or organization you work for. A good number of people register on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer.com to make money from freelancing in Nigeria and get started.

2- Remote Jobs Are Great For Stay At Home Moms In Nigeria

With the internet and technology comes flexibility, a wide range of flexibility that the world hasn’t seen before.

Remote jobs are jobs that could be done from anywhere aside from organization building. They are exceptionally loved and appreciated by people and this is why a lot of people opt-in for remote jobs. One could be a remote staff of a company and never get to visit their physical office or organization’s complex. 

Most of the jobs that are done remotely are mostly tech jobs. To be a stay at home mom working remote jobs in Nigeria,  you would need to learn a tech skill because they are easier to find remote tech jobs.

To learn a tech skill, you would need to use a platform like Fiverr(search for selling courses on Fiverr), Udemy, Coursera e.t.c are platforms to learn tech skills from.

Remote jobs are perfect jobs for stay at home moms. They are flexible, most of them pay well and most of the time, all you need is a working laptop or home computer, a strong internet connection and the right skills and qualifications to do your job perfectly. 

As a stay at home mom in Nigeria, after learning the skills of course you could use that knowledge to start a remote job in Nigeria. You could work for an organization in any continent and get paid from the comfort of your home anywhere in Nigeria thereby creating value and making money as a stay at home mom in Nigeria.

To start making money as a stay at home mom in Nigeria, you could peruse websites like weworkremotely.com to get yourself a legit remote job.

Remote jobs are not only for stay at home moms, a young girl, lady, or even a full-blown woman can also do remote jobs to make money in Nigeria.

3- Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is a lucrative means for a stay at home mom, also for a girl in Nigeria, Makeup artistry is a good business a girl could do to earn money in Nigeria.

Almost every Saturday in Nigeria, wedding Parties and different occasions are being held with the majority of the audience in attendance being women. As a stay at home mom, doing face paintings and makeup artistry for these women is going to fetch you a lot of money in Nigeria.

Not just makeup artistry, a lady in Nigeria can make money from selling makeup products 

4- Day Care /Nanny Services As A Stay At Home Mom

Running daycare or nanny service as a stay at home mom is another thing to explore to make money in Nigeria. 

This simply means you could run a daycare service in your home. You could start with the kids of your friends and extended families and then extend to others in your community.

This works like normal daycare, they bring their kids to your home daily and you get to take care of them while their parents run off to work or do other activities. 

In Nigeria, we know this is lucrative because a lot of parents aside from the fact that they are working, would want to take some time off and breathe from all the tantrums coming from children. You come in and take care of that for them and get paid for it.

5- Create Online Courses As A Stay At Home Mom

Stay at home moms can create online courses and sell them on different online course platforms to make money.

Online courses have been a thing and there have been reasonable and very visible spikes since 2019.

People now embrace online courses and in fall 2019, over 7.3 million students were enrolled in different online courses.

With over 7.3 million students and counting, there is a huge market for online courses and stay at home moms in Nigeria could leverage that and make money from creating online courses.

Platforms like Thinkific, Teachable and Kajabi are great software to launch your online courses and thrive on.

There is no limit to the skills you could teach as you could teach everything as long as it’s legal and you are qualified for it.

6- Start A Blog From Home In Nigeria

A blog, shortened form of web blog is a page on a website where people, either the owner of that website airs out their views on related subject matters or talk about other information for people to contribute and engage with them.

Blogging is a profitable business to start in Nigeria, stay at home moms, young girls, ladies and even older women can start a blog to make money in Nigeria.

There is no limit to how much you can make from blogging in Nigeria.

One of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji who is currently a billionaire blogger has made so much money from bloggers and she still is, What’s stopping you from following that path?

I have an article where I started the different steps and things you need to start a blog either as a young girl, a stay at home or a young lady looking to make money from blogging.


7- Start An Ecommerce Store 

An e-commerce store is just like every other store that sells products offline, but unlike every other store you could walk in to purchase items, e-commerce Is situated online. You place products you want in a cart and place an order for them, then pay and the items are delivered to your home.

For a stay at home mom, a young girl or any young lady looking to make money, starting an e-commerce store is a lucrative way to create value and make money.

I recommend E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, Big-commerce, Squarespace to build your eCommerce store with ease and so much flexibility.

8- Become A Hairstylist

As a stay at home mom with hair styling skills, you could always make people’s hair from the comfort of your home and make money, although it’s not a great idea to allow strangers into your home, you could always start with friends and families and then when you make enough to get a shop and hire hands, you could always port and grow your business.

Hairstyling is not just for stay at home moms, young girls could always see this as a business idea and earn money from making people’s hair in Nigeria.

9- Start A Consulting Service From Home

As a stay at home mom who is also a professional or well versed in some areas and you don’t want to do the regular 9-5 jobs, you could always create a workspace at home and consult for different organizations and firms while taking care of your kids full time too.

It’s going to be a bit stressful but at the end of the day, the money you would make as a stay at home mom doing consulting services would be worth it.

What Business Can A Lady Do Earn Money In Nigeria

Any lady can do numerous businesses ranging from buying and selling FMCG ( fast-moving consumer goods) and rendering of different services she is skilled in to make money in Nigeria.

Starting a business as a lady to earn money in Nigeria comes with a lot of constraints. You wouldn’t want to start a business that closes late at night due to the security risks in Nigeria and also, as a lady looking to start a business in Nigeria, you would need to pick a business that its hard or smart work matches the profit you get.

What Can A Girl Do Make Money In Nigeria?

A girl child in Nigeria can make money in Nigeria by starting any of the following businesses 

  • Start a Makeup shop
  • Starting a Fashion House/Tailoring shop
  • T-shirt Prints and design
  • Graphics design
  • UI/Ux design
  • Content writing
  • Language Tutorials
  • Get remote jobs
  • Become a translator
  • Writing E-books
  • Become a user tester
  • Start an arts and craft shop
  • Teach people about blockchains and NFT’s
  • Start teaching an online course
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Become a personal trainer
  • Become a nutritionist
  • Draw portraits and make money from it
  • Start a shawarma shop
  • Become a disc jockey(dj)
  • Start a laundry shop
  • Start a yoga studio
  • Start 2d/3d animations
  • Sales of different products

What Business Can A Woman Do In Nigeria To Make Money

There is no limit to the business a woman can do to make money in Nigeria.

Women can make more money from several businesses ranging from selling and buying fast-moving products,  especially household items that are used daily, also women can make money in Nigeria by rendering some profitable services they are well versed in. 

Aside from all the business ideas listed here, there are so many other business ideas anyone could start.

I recommend you read 



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