What Business Can I Start With 100k

A question lingering on the lips of a lot of Nigerians would be “what business can I start with 100k Naira” this is because with the current economic situation of Nigeria, a part-time or even a full time paying job is not enough for most people and there is this need for them to look for businesses to start to make extra income or even earn a living. 

18 Fast And Easy Businesses To Start With 100k Naira In Nigeria

Here Are 18 Businesses One Can Start With 100k Naira

1- Start Sales Of Oil Perfumes And Colognes

With the surge of people wanting to smell good, selling oil perfumes and essential oils for household use has become a good way to make money in Nigeria. 

The good thing about this business is that with as low as 100k naira you can start this business in Nigeria and make over50% of your capital from your first sales.

To start this business with 100k. 

All you need to do is buy the different oil perfumes and essential oils, market them aggressively to your friends, families and even on your social media platforms(you can even run promotions on Facebook and Instagram for them), people see your perfume oils, they request for them, you take their others, they pay and you deliver to them with logistics services and you don’t even need more than 100k to start this business.


2- Youtube Channel

With the way the world is going, videos are taking over everything and YouTube is leading this pack.

Youtube is the second most visited site in the world with 39% of mobile internet users watching YouTube with about 2 billion monthly users and 30 million daily YouTube users.

 In 2019, the highest earner on YouTube was Ryan Kaji, he earned $26 million alone from YouTube and you too can.

To start a YouTube channel with just 100k, you  will need to :

  • Carefully select a niche you would thrive in
  • Write down content ideas
  • Use keyword research tool like Ahref to determine the search volume and search difficulty of that keyword
  • Sign up for YouTube 
  • For videos, you do not need a camera at first, you just need a tripod stand to keep your phone balanced on for starters and when you have been paid some money as a  youtube partner, you can now buy a camera.

note: monetizing a YouTube channel takes time, but this all depends on your approach. Some people take a longer time to reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, but for some others, it takes just about a month. 

What business can I start with 100k

3- Blogging

Blogging can be said to be putting up information, opinions or ideas about a certain thing on your blog and people read them, interact with them and even drop comments where they agree or do not agree with you.

With Linda Ikeji being the most popular blogger in Nigeria raking in millions every month from her blog, it’s been the dream of every young Nigerian to be like her and also start a blog that would bring in millions too.

To start a blog, you do not need up to 100k naira except you are going to outsource for content from content writers which you would need to pay them for.

I simplified the steps to starting a blog on a 100k budget 

  • Select a niche that is thriving and you think you can handle
  • Buy a domain name. Hosting and SSL(security for your website). In Nigeria, with as low as 10,000 naira using servers.  Qservers is a reliable hosting company and I would recommend them. Start your journey with them here

For people that wouldn’t want to use a Nigerian hosting company, the Blue host is a great foreign hosting company with great customer care services too also recommended by me and you can use my link to get started for as low as $3.95/ month

  • Use free themes to design your website
  • Outline different topics and keywords to post
  • Sign up for google search console, analytics
  • I wrote an entire post about blogging, you can read it here. 
  • Earn money from affiliate marketing and sponsored ads


4- Starting A Thrift Store

An online thrift store is a business one can start with 100k Nigerian Naira.

Thrifting is the act of selling off items that have already been used or it can also be selling off items that have not been used to another customer at a cheaper rate than the first amount it was bought for.

Thrifting is very popular in Nigeria with items like clothing, accessories and shoes topping the list for thrift items.

For a thrift store with a budget of 100k, it’s most advisable to do it online on Etsy, Instagram or Facebook because 100k wouldn’t be sufficient to build an eCommerce site using any of the platforms like Shopify or big commerce.

I wrote an entire blog post about starting and running a thrift store with no money, Read it.

5- Starting A Shawarma Spot With 100k 

Shawarma is a popular sandwich like chicken or beef. It’s really popular in Nigeria with a vast percentage of Nigerians patronizing shawarma sellers.

It’s very possible to start a shawarma spot in Nigeria with 100k. These factors below would help guide you to thrive in your shawarma business

  • Look for a popular or busy spot
  • Enquire about creating a hut or kiosk where you can sell your shawarma
  • Learn how to make shawarma from YouTube
  • Make and sell your shawarma’s at an average of #1,200 naira and make your money.

What business can I start with 100k

6- Starting  A Popcorn Stand  Business With 100k

Popcorn is so popular, everyone knows what popcorn is and what it looks like and it’s also a good business too.

With the different variants and flavours, everyone is adding to make it sell more, it’s moving from caramel to chocolate, vanilla e.t.c 

To start a popcorn business with 100k,

  • You would need to get a stand in a good location
  • Buy a pot with a stirrer and other active ingredients for popcorn

7- Start A Car Wash Stand Business With 100k

With a vast population of Nigerians owning cars both private and commercial vehicles, car wash services is a necessity.

An average car wash goes for #500 naira with necessities like an adequate supply of water and car-friendly liquid for washing cars.

8- Start A Smoothie Stand Business With 100k

With the increase in weight loss enthusiasts and fit fam, smoothie’s and freshly juiced fruits are a very popular thing. They are lucrative too and also one can start with as low as 100k.

All you need is a blender, a mixer and different sieves.

What business can I do with 100k

9- Snail Farming

Snail farming is a business one can start with as low as 100k. 

A lot of Nigerian households eat snails, so the demand for snails is very high, just so high that one can earn money from them by selling them.

This particular business requires little land space to thrive but it can also be improvised. 

Rather than use a land space, raffia baskets can be used to groom the different snail sizes. 

One thing with snails is that they do not select food as they eat green leafy vegetables and they produce so much in such little time.

10- Start Sales  Of Bedsheets And Pillowcases Business With 100k

Bedsheets and pillowcases are a necessity for everyone and every household and the demand for them is also high.

You can help households meet their needs by buying different materials and bed sheet designs, sewing them and sewing their pillowcases too and pack them into transparent bags for supply to different customers.

11- Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a business one can start with 100k. The only thing required is for you to have a platform to share your links and people use those links to patronize your merchants and you earn from them.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you partner with a brand or a merchant and they pay you for every person you refer. 

This is monitored with a tracking number as every affiliate marketer has different tracking codes. 

Affiliate marketing is a good business to start and most times, you don’t need a lot of money to start it, just your social media accounts and data to keep the business going.

Affiliate marketers earn as high as $1,000 daily in Nigeria and for some products, just one referral may give you as much as $65.

What business can I do with 100k

12- Sales Of Scented Candles

Scented candles are those candles that give off very pleasant fragrances when they are lit. This scented candle business can be started with 100k.

To thrive in this business, you need to know your target market, buy the scented candles in bulk and sell it at retail prices to your customers. 

13- Sales Of Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil an extract of coconut is an oil that can be used as a moisturizer for the skin and also a hair growth enhancement.

The use of coconut oil for skincare and hair growth has been on the increase, therefore, increasing the demand for the products.

Extraction of the coconut oil from coconut can be done by oneself or you can buy already processed ones and sell them to people that need them.

14- Content Writing 

Content writing is a business that can be started with less than 100k and you can even use your mobile phone to start using task  management apps like Trello, google docs WPS, e.t.c

Content writing is something that can be learnt with crash courses on online platforms and then one can start writing essays for people, articles for blog posts, advert copies for adverts e.t.c

15- P.O.S Agents

Point of sale agents popularly known as POS agents go around with POS machines either in a shop or kiosk and help people with cash but for small amounts of money as profit.

Most POS agents do not give solely cash, they also partner with other bills and subscription companies and help their customers pay bills for little amounts they use as profits.

What business can I do with 100k

16- Video Editing 

With the increase in demand for videos, demand for video editors keeps increasing because the videos being put out will need to be considered great and eye-catching before it’s been put out to the public. 

To become an expert at video editing, one just needs to learn how to use software like adobe photoshop, final cut pro, video director and other similar video editing software.

17- Boli And Fish Stand

Boli is popular slang for roasted yam and plantain in Nigeria.

Starting a Boli stand  is a lucrative business to start with 100k but a lot of people feel like its a local business and being stuck with smoke and charcoal is not a deal most people will want to sign up for 

There are so many ways to improvise. Rather than using charcoal pots, one can use barbecue grills instead. Some are powered with cooking gases while some others are powered with electricity, you can make your choice depending on how seamless you want it to be for you.

Customers can come to buy boli from your physical location or you can employ the services of dispatch riders when they order from your social media platforms.

18- Bread Supplies

Supplying bread to different convenience or grocery stores is a good business to start and this business can be started with just 100k.

To start this business, you need to first go to the bakery and reach an agreement with them, take a sample of the bread to different convenience stores, market the bread to them, they place their others, you use your 100k, buy bread worth 100k and then you supply the bread to all the grocery stores and you also make your money.

What business can I do with 100k

19 – Conclusion

All the business ideas lined above are businesses that one can start with 100k in Nigeria. They are all business ideas until you put some effort into making their actual businesses. I also wrote other blog posts about making money,  feel free to also look at them. See them below


Linda Orjiakor is a serial entrepreneur, content writer and professional blogger with years of blogging experience. She's passionate about helping business owners make the most out of their businesses, leveraging their online space and getting the best out of their online platforms, she also helps bloggers scale their blogs into a real business on her new blog, www.lindaorjiakor.com. She has written articles also published on authority websites like BellaNaija >> https://www.bellanaija.com/2021/05/linda-orjiakor-killing-the-shame-associated-with-menstruation/

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