The Beginners Guide To Starting A Blog


Here is my beginners guide to starting a blog.

 If you are looking to start a blog and you really want to hear the truth about blogging and all you need to know as a blogger I’m here to tell you the truth you need to know about blogging and the things I have learnt so far in my 2 years and counting  from blogging.

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 I started blogging in December 2018, with no experience, in fact that was the first  time I had to hear about WordPress because I only knew about blogger. The beginners guide to starting a blogI bought domain name and hosting. A  friend helped me set  up my WordPress blog , I started blogging.  With no knowledge and no experience about SEO, I just started putting up blog  posts back to back. I had no clue of what I was doing, but I just wanted to do something that felt like I was making progress with my blog.  I was willing to learn new things and I joined so many forums. In most of those forums, they taught quite insightfully.


But nobody was willing to say any of their blogging secrets  except you  pay for their e-courses or e-books. While some others were on  there for blog traffic some others like myself came to earnestly learn.


I was lost honestly, because from my niche to my approach to every other thing were just wrong, absolutely wrong. I would go online and search some things to do to get traffic  on my blog and come back and do them all wrongly  on my blog just hoping they were going to be effective.


 My first year in blogging was pretty much frustrating. I wanted my identity as a blogger to be anonymous as I was writing very personal things about me and didn’t want people to know who it was. I got to  My first four months and I didn’t see any tangible traffic on there so I had to let everyone know about it on all the platforms I could. Even after that I wasn’t still doing it right until I started doing better keyword research.


Here is the  beginners guide to blogging and some blogging mistakes to avoid:


1: Blogging Is Consistency And Discipline:The beginners guide 1

You have to be consistent and disciplined with your blog to be able to reach more readers and create more impressions. You can decide how many times you will put up posts. It doesn’t matter as long as you follow your routine. 


If you decide on once a day, do it, twice a day is also fine, once a week, anytime convenient for you as long as you can continue that routine it’s very perfect and always make sure it’s on a particular day. Just like every Wednesday morning my readers are sure a new post would drop on my blog and I always want to keep to that routine.


2: Content Is Not Everything:


The beginners guide 2.

Definitely not!

 Remember how everyone screams “content is king” it really isn’t. 

Putting out content on your blog is great but without anyone reading it doesn’t make any  sense. As a blogger, you feel so fulfilled if your content is read by so many people.


3: SEO Is The Currency Of Search Engine:


The beginners guide 3.

Have you ever wondered why when you give any command to a search engine, some seconds later you get results on the first page. 

Ever wondered why those blogs/websites that pop up rank for those particular keywords, it’s all SEO.



SEO is definitely the currency of the internet and you know how important a currency is in any city. SEO involves Link building either by writing guest posts on websites with high domain authority or networking with other bloggers to include your blog URL to their posts.


When the search engine crawls from your link in another blog, it gives them the impression that your blog is authentic. And with time and more links from blogs with higher D.A(domain authority), you can begin to rank and soon, with other SEO practices, you rank on the first page.

  Other SEO practices;

  • Including your SEO keywords on your alt text for images you will use on your post 


  • Keywords research for every post and always use keywords with low search difficulty and high search rate with Semrush or Ahref.


  • link related posts from your blog to each other 
  • Using the right h1, h2, h3 tags format for your blog posts .


4: Don’t Do All The Work Done Alone: 


The beginners guide 4.

You know what everyone says about teamwork. Teamwork helps the work progress faster, while you are running a blog.

 You should hire people to do  some things for you because the whole blogging thing is time consuming and draining and there are so many things to do at the same time. You can hire writers from pro blogger and fiverr that will write different contents for you and all you need to do is edit them and you can also hire editors too. 

For everything about running a blog, you can always hire people from web designers that will help design your blog layout to graphics designers for your logo and branding, to content writers. They can all be from fiverr.

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Your blog is a business treat it as such: Most people say blogging is just their hobby but the truth is most  of them don’t know how to treat it as a business and they will definitely want to make some money from it.

So here are some ways to treat your blog like a business;


6: Don’t Paste Ad Codes To Your Site Too Early: 

The beginners guide 6.

This happened to me when I had just started out as a  blogging.

The moment I had few web visitors, I immediately applied for adsense and got accepted. I was already rejoicing about the money I was going to get, little did I know that adsense works with impressions and clicks. 

Without plenty of blog visitors, it is very difficult to thrive with any ads company!


It is very important to set up your blog and grow your traffic to some extent before applying to become an ads publisher for any ads company.


7: Your Niche Determines How Long You Will Last:


The beginners guide 7.

Many people start a blog with the aim of writing about their personal experiences but the hard truth is that unless you are a celebrity or a very popular person, almost nobody would come online to browse about your experience.

People want to find solutions to what’s bothering them. Forget hobbies and pick a niche  that will keep you going for a very very long time.


Don’t choose a niche based on your hobby, choose a niche you are Willing to go extents for and also choose a niche that people will constantly go to.

When I started my blog, it was a lifestyle blog, all the posts were about me and my day to day experience and guess what only family and friends were interested in that.


There are so many niches to pick from,mom blog,travel blogs, business blogs, investment blogs,e.t.c.


8. Build An Email List:


The beginners guide 8.

 Email list’s help you connect with your blog visitors and send them emails directly. With your mails, you can turn blog visitors to customers directly. There are many email service companies to pick from, but here are some convert kits,zapier, mailerlite,sendinblue,send out,mailchimp,etc.


9.Set Your Monetization Goals Early:


The beginners guide 9.

If you want to make money from your blog, set your goals, e.g. at 7months make at least $200 dollars from affiliate marketing, and $100 from ads,etc. Set your monetization goals and make sure you follow them, from sponsored ads to consulting to using some advert agencies and finally affiliate marketing,  use them all.

10.Your Blog Is A Promise To Your Readers:


The beginners guide 10

When blog visitors land on your blog for the first time and they are intrigued by your posts and they keep coming when due back, you fulfill your promise of posts you are to apologise when you cannot keep up with your routine.


11.You Need Money To Set And Start Up A Proper Blog:


The beginners guide 11.

Shockingly, so many people say blogging is really easy to start, it is true to some extent. For people using platforms like blogger, blogger offers free hosting and all that in exchange for your freedom. You cannot do a lot of things freely with blogger as opposed to  WordPress. 

With WordPress, from domain name to hosting, everything is done on your own terms, but the thing is, it’s definitely not free.

So many people say it’s so easy to start a blog without money, but I disagree with that except you  don’t want leverage. 


Here are some really important things you need money for while starting a blog.



The list is endless, I’m not trying to discourage you, but just trying to prepare your minds. Although, some of them can be helped, while the others actually can’t because you can’t do without them.


Starting a blog actually requires you to just start and do every other thing, One baby step at a time. 


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