60 Fastest Ways To Make Legit Money Online In Nigeria In 2022

Confirmed  Ways to make money online  in Nigeria

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If how to make money online as a Nigerian is still giving you great concerns, it shouldn’t anymore.

Making money online from Nigeria is very important especially if you want to be financially free and independent. As a student or even as an employed individual increased earning power gives you leverage over so many things and this can be done by making money online, especially in a country like Nigeria with an unstable economy.

I,  a Nigerian know how difficult it is to make money just from one stream of income. Listed here are diverse ways to increase your income and make money online from the comfort of your home.


Here are 60 fastest ways to make legit  money online in Nigeria as a Student, Teenager, Graduate, Undergraduate, Self employed or Unemployed individual In 2022

1. Make money online in Nigeria by Starting A Smart Blog In 2022

Blogging is a leading way to make money online in Nigeria. It is by far one of the most profitable ways to make money online from Nigeria with the likes of Linda Ikeji and so many others who have become billionaires and millionaires in Nigeria from blogging.

A blog is a website where users share their opinions and discuss different topics involving or affecting them.

A blog can be informative, educative,  inspirational, e.t.c.

Blogging is the act of designing and editing a blog.

Over 2million blog posts are put out daily and this makes blogging even more competitive, but what in life isn’t it?

To start a blog and make money online in Nigeria, one would first of all start by deciding the niche they would want to leverage and how much knowledge they have about that niche.

 After the niche for the money-making blog  has been chosen, the next step to starting  a blog is  buying a domain name and hosting, designing your blog, optimizing all the pages on your blog for search engines, installing important plugins, keyword research, writing articles that are appropriately optimized, 

 email marketing e.t.c

How to make money online from Nigeria

Blogging is a great start and a good way to make money online in Nigeria. Without the right steps, It would be difficult for you to make money online in Nigeria from blogging.

Blogging goes hand in hand with
CONSISTENCY.  Writing a lot of articles, partnering with advertisers and
other bloggers, learning the necessary things to do to rank on the first search engine research pages, keywords and learning about SEO, etc.
There are many articles online to compete with yours, so you have to make your posts engaging and also keep up with sending emails and freebies to your readers.

To enhance your blogging career and make money online in Nigeria, I wrote a blog post about how to start a profitable blog in Nigeria from my three years experience as a blogger, READ IT HERE

Blogging is indeed an online money making means in Nigeria.

2. Start Writing Articles to make money online from Nigeria In 2022

If you are still searching for how to make money online in Nigeria, writing articles is a great way and currently one of the leading ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Article writing is a creative online money making idea to start from Nigeria. Article writing also includes content writing and blog post writing.
Article writing can be done freelance on platforms like Fiverr, freelancer.com or full time for a firm. Becoming a full-time article writer for a firm doesn’t mean you have to stay in their company’s office or work physically for them. You can become a full-time article writer for a firm and work online for them. Sending articles to them promptly.

In either case, one needs to have excellent writing skills,  good language skills, use of good software like  Grammarly to accentuate punctuations, tone settings, and send the message across to the audience to give the audience the proper understanding of that particular article without the article sounding ambiguous. Grammarly is an excellent tool to have if you ever want to venture into article writing.

How to make money online in Nigeria

Writing articles lately are really popular if you want to start making money online in Nigeria and people use some very popular websites like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancers to bid for jobs, get clients and make more money.

3. Start Proofreading/Editing Articles to make money online from Nigeria

Proofreading and editing is an excellent way to make money online in Nigeria.

Proofreading and editing answer the question “how do I make money online in Nigeria”.
Proofreading and Editing involve making grammar and punctuation corrections on articles, blog posts, research work, term papers and even books etc. with the view of enhancing their readability.

The Editor enhances the work by changing some expressions to properly suit the context and intent of the write
up. It is a very meticulous job and can be done properly with tools like Grammarly, Slick write, paper rater, edit minion, boom essays, essayroo e.t.c

I use Grammarly and it’s proven to be a great software.

4. Become an online Content Strategist

Being an online content strategist answers the question of how to make money online in Nigeria.
A content strategist is key to the online success of any organization. As the name implies, the strategist organizes the content calendar of an organisation and comes up with ideas for content that would reach the target audience. 

Contents are articles or graphic works that appeal to the interest of the target
the audience, as a content strategist, you can either freelance on platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr,  and plan content strategies for companies while they pay you or you can work full time online or offline in a company as a content strategist planning for that content year.

Some tools needed for content strategizing are Hootsuite’s, tailwind, plainly

5. Start Online Language Tutorials

Language tutorials are a great means to make money online in Nigeria as a graduate, undergraduate or even as a teenager.
Currently, people love to travel and live in different places as opposed to what they used to be. So many people want to learn different languages either because they can brag about being polyglots, they are relocating to a different country to school, parents want their kids to be grounded in different languages or for communication between them and their different business partners.

How to make money online from Nigeria

So many people are willing to learn new languages for different reasons and the surge for language tutors is increasing both offline and online. There
are online platforms where any language can be taught, usually to kids and adults.


To make money online in Nigeria from online language tutorials, A perfect understanding of the language of interest is required for this job and then you can start making money online in Nigeria from there. Most platforms require certification, experience and also adhering to their terms and conditions. An example of this platform is vpkids.

Also, you mustn’t register with any platform to be able to give language tutorials, as long as you have a professional knowledge of that language, you can start your language tutorial agency by creating your website, giving online tutorials or even doing home tutorials or have a walk-in office you teach people the said languages. 

They can register either on your website or send a message to any of your social media platforms to register.

6. Become A Call Centre Representative/Customer Care

An online call centre representative is a great way to make money online in Nigeria.
Some startups/businesses hire people to pick up their calls and respond to their emails and they are either paid hourly or according to the number of calls or emails replied to that day, it all depends on the terms and conditions agreed by both parties.

How to make money online from Nigeria

To be able to make money online in Nigeria from being a call centre representative or online customer care, you need to have good language and communication skills in that official language, be able to work properly under pressure and still maintain a flow between that customer and yourself.  
This is an online business,  it can be done from home.

You can register on Fiverr to get started.

7. Start Online Interpreting/ Translation

For big conferences or events where there are people that can’t understand the spoken language, or for people that have hearing problems, especially if it’s being broadcasted on television or online, an interpreter is placed to use hand gestures or a different language to complete the communication process by passing the information to them in a way they can properly understand. To be able to make money online in Nigeria from online interpretation, one has to learn sign language or any language of their choice, create a professional interpreting service so that they can be contacted when events interpreters would be needed come up, they would be duly contacted.

Large organisations like to contact people that are trustworthy and they would like to pick from a  professional agency and it’s very easy to start yours.

8. Become An Author and make money online in Nigeria

Writing books just got a new twist. Writing books is a great way to make money online from Nigeria.  With the old way of writing books where you have to move from author to editor and then publisher is so stressful. Now there are platforms where all you need is your manuscript and then you can self publish your books on your online platforms like Amazon KDP, Createspace, Teachable e.t.c When you upload your book, people pay a certain amount of money to gain access to those books and from the agreement reached on those platforms, they pay you according to the agreed percentage.

This is a means of passive income because after you upload your book, people keep reading them as long as they are there and you earn too. All you need to do is write your book, hire someone to do your cover art, typesetting, marketing and pricing.

9. Become an online  PR Writer 

A public relations writer is interested in writing press releases for companies and pitching their interesting information to reporters and media houses. It’s a lucrative way to make money online from Nigeria if you start a PR writing Agency, where people pay for your services online either from Nigeria or anywhere around the world. 

To start a PR writing agency, you will need to be grounded in article writing and copywriting and also network your way through to get contacts or the opportunities to meet with the public relations officers in different firms to be able to pitch your press releases to them when they request for it.

10. Start An Ecommerce Store

E-commerce is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria and also a good start to making money and starting a sustainable business.
E-commerce involves selling products online. All you need to do is have products you wish to sell, a platform to sell them and connect to the right customers in Nigeria through digital marketing. Popular  E-commerce stores in Nigeria include Jumia, Konga, e.t.c 

An example of a good place to sell products is Shopify, Bigcommerce. Shopify gives you the online shop layout like a website where you can edit the catalogues to your taste, showcase different colours of the item you are selling, checkout/ payout columns, confirmation of order columns. Shopify is the best so far for people who want to start an e-commerce/ online shop.

11. Start Taking Surveys Online 

With the increase in various kinds of statistics and findings, people are being paid just to honestly answer a few simple questions. They answer questions ranging from general issues like politics to private issues as the kind of toothpaste you love using. The work could get monotonous and boring sometimes. 

You can join a survey taking agency online and make money online from Nigeria, when large corporations want to start manufacturing a new product, do market surveys, or even know their competitors in a certain market, they employ your services and they pay you after the surveys you take depending on the amount they have budgeted for that project.

Most times, after the project is done, the company or agency pays its survey takers in dollars. Examples of websites you could register and take surveys include swagbucks.com, e.t.c

12. Become A  User Tester

User testing is a leading way to make money online in Nigeria.
With the spurt in websites and apps, developers want to know the perception of the user and also the user experience of each website.

This goes both ways, becoming a user tester or starting an agency that does user testing for different firms is a good start.

As a user tester, your job here is to give your opinion about what you think concerning your experience on a website or software. The website speed, colour combination, how you feel using the website, e.t.c

13. Become a Life/Career Coach

Becoming a life or career coach is a great business to venture into and make money online in Nigeria.
You can be somebody’s online mentor as most people these days need as much as a little push. 

Career coaching requires you to have the certain professional knowledge to be able to give the best advice to your clients and help them tow the best paths suitable for them in life.

Career or life coaching can be done online and also be done in physical locations like a walk-in office where people come in and pay for consultations from you.
Career or life coaching is borne out of the desire to help people become better and even choose the right paths in life.

14. Start Social Media Influencing And Make Money Online From Nigeria

A social media influencer is someone who is in another level of social media marketing.

Being a Social media influencer is a great way to make money online in Nigeria. Some social media influencers make as much as 500,000 naira – 2 million naira per post. This depends on their rate cards.

Social media influencers grow their audience by the different posts they make, shout outs from other influencers, adverts they run advertising their pages on different social media platforms and use of trending hashtags.

When they have gotten a large number of followers and there is some noticeable amount of engagement on their page, they begin to advertise for smaller brands and get paid for it. 

An influencer with 10,000 to 50,000 active lovers can make a few thousand per post. Instagram influencers with up to 1 million followers can see $10,000 per post. With over 1 million followers, You could charge $100,000 or more. This differs with the kind of brand and also the locations too.

Social media is a lucrative business with good rewards and a very great way to make money online in Nigeria.


15. Start A Graphics Design Agency And Make Money Online in Nigeria

Starting a graphics design agency is a lucrative way to make money in Nigeria. 

With the surge in small businesses and brands coming up every day, brand managers require people to do different kinds of branding for their companies.

A recent survey indicates that in 2019 alone, the industry created a revenue of $15 billion with an annual growth rate of 3.5%. It is anticipated to thrive further at a ratio of 2.7% to become a $14.8 billion-dollar-strong industry.

Starting a graphics design agency would require one to be proficient in graphics design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, GIMP, Inkscape, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Gravit designer, Auto-desk sketchbook pro and much more software for graphics design.

Graphics design is a leading way to make money online in Nigeria and it’s also financially rewarding and projects to be done are always there.

16. Photography

Photography is the art of processing or taking photographs.

The demand extent, measured by revenue, of the Photography industry, is $10.9bn in 2021 and it’s still predicted to expect a 2.8% increase.

From modelling shots to weddings, burials, engagements, birthdays, there are so many angles to photography. Photography is a good business to start and thrive in. 

To become a professional in this art, one would need to master the different processing in taking and editing different images. 

From the right camera’s to use,  preset, lights, and even the best photograph editing software.

After the professional photography skills are obtained, one would need to own a studio and have the right equipment to be used for photography fully equipped in the studio.

Overall, photography is a good business to start.

17. Start Editing Photos And Make Money Online in Nigeria

A lot of photographers prefer to just take photographs while they employ someone else to do the editing of the photos taken. 

Also, photo editors work alone editing different photos that would be used for different purposes like brochures, billboards, souvenirs, books e.t.c 

They use software like Adobe Photoshop to achieve this.

As a photo editor, you make money online in Nigeria by Editing photos of different people at different events and getting paid for your services.

18. Make Money Online In Nigeria Editing/Creating Videos

Video editing is one of the fastest-growing jobs to make money online in Nigeria. Brands and companies need explainer videos for promotions and campaigns. Skill in this line and good marketing and promotion could land you some good-paying clients. 

Also with the increase in video content being put out every year, video editing skills are in very high demand and it’s a great way to make money online in Nigeria.

19. Start A Social Media Management Company in Nigeria 

If you can help brands grow their social media engagements, it’s lucrative to start a social media management company as a way to make money online in Nigeria.

Social media management agencies help brands manage their online platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, snap chat e.t.c to help them improve their images online. 

Starting a small social media company to make money online in Nigeria is ideal because it is easy to start and the work can be done from anywhere as long as they have the right knowledge. If you do a good job, other companies would get to hear about it too and want your agency to work for them.

Many new businesses like to employ the hands of a social media agency because they would want the foundation of their social media platforms to be solid and this is a way for you to make money online in Nigeria by giving them a great service for their money.

20. Start A Web Design and Development Company 

Starting a web design company is one of the leading ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Web design relates to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually cites the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. A web designer takes care of the design, layout and sometimes content of a website.

A web design, on the other hand, takes care of the lines of codes that are used to build up a website.

With the internet, a lot of websites are already up and a lot more will be designed or built respectively. 

Almost every small business now requires a website and this is a huge business to venture into and start making money. 

You can start by learning web design and development on online platforms like Udemy and then proceed to register your web design and development company.

21. Start An App Development Company

Aside from having a website, companies also want to simplify payment, provide excellent customer service and have a good platform for notifications. So, the popular way to achieve this is to plant their apps on the phones of their customers. This is where app developers come in.

One can launch an app development startup and develop apps for different needs for their different client’s and make money online in Nigeria.  

22. Become A Tech Support Agent

Tech support agents assist small firms or startups to troubleshoot different problems and make money online in Nigeria.

A lot of small startups cannot hire a permanent tech support agent, instead, the source for firms or individuals that offer tech support and implore their help when needed.

A Tech support agent team usually consists of engineers and other professionals too.

A company like  Apple hires tech support agents online. These agents help end users solve little
issues arising from the use of software and/or hardware or frequently asked technical questions on how to go about their services and products. 

23. Start Your IT Consultancy Firm

If you work internally for an IT agency, you could take your experience online and be your boss by
providing consultancy services to clients depending on your area of expertise via video conferencing.

24. Become A Programmer/Developer And Make Money Online In Nigeria

Programming jobs have a large market. From novices to pros, there are clients available. Many freelancers websites feature this kind of job opportunity. So many big companies are handling real projects and don’t want to employ more people, the source for freelance programmers. Programmers earn good money depending on the programming language learned.  Good knowledge of different programming languages is necessary. 

Also, experience and working for a reputable agency could make your portfolio more attractive.

25. Become A CopyWriter

Copywriting is a good business to venture into in Nigeria and make money online Nigeria.

It involves writing different enticing and persuasive adverts or even lines for adverts for companies to use.

26. Venture Into Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most popular means of making money online in Nigeria.

Affiliate marketing is a  type of performance-based marketing and it is a good business to start.
This is closely related to blogging and vlogging. Here, you earn commissions for recommending products for sale to your audience via your blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook. You create a referral link and whenever they use your link to buy that product or order that service, you earn for every sale, lead or click done. 

Affiliate marketing is not done by just bloggers and YouTube channel owners, it can also be done on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Instagram.

Brands like Bluehost, Fiverr and so many more offer affiliate marketing options.

27. Start Live Chat Operation Agency

Many customers would prefer to chat up a customer care representative than to call them. So certain organizations now adopt this system by outsourcing the job to freelancers online. You can also turn this into a business. You can outsource live chat operators for each company and get a commission from the payments made.

28. Online Teaching

You could teach people online and earn a good amount of money. Students often need revision classes from the comfort of their phones. If you can meet this need. It could be done part-time or full time depending on how you choose to run it. You may also have live classes or downloadable courses. You can use the following platforms for
your tutorials: Preply and Wyzant

29. Create Your Course 

Course creation is a good business to start and make a lot of money from online in Nigeria.
Aside from teaching academic subjects, you could also create courses for skills you have like baking courses, digital marketing, home management courses, tech courses, how to play different instruments e.t.c. 

Platforms  Camtasia, Thinkific, kajabi and Teachable are good platforms, to begin with.

30. Become A Recruitment Consultant

Usually, those who run a business like this were once working in the Human Resources Management of companies and must have gained experience in recruiting employees for the company. With all the experience garnered in the field, they can now work and grow their business and also get paid for employing people.

31. Start Accounting/Bookkeeping online

Though accounting practices differ from country to country, some companies still need someone to keep a record of their transactions. For the sake of transparency, companies like to outsource this kind of job which could lead to hiring accountants on a contract basis, even online.

One can start a small accounting company and get hired by big, small and medium corporations when the need is and make money. Experience and networking
are great assets in this kind of business.

32. Become A Cryptocurrency Trader

Here you get to trade currencies of different countries or various cryptocurrencies to make profits. Forex is broader than currency trading. You get to trade other “digital assets” in
Forex. Either way, it is a business that could land you a fortune in real time if you know what you’re doing. Making money online from Forex in Nigeria is very much possible,  however, you could lose all you’ve got in a blink if you’re not careful. It’s always best to learn the business very well before venturing into it yourself so that you can know when to make those professional calls.

33. Start A Rental service

There are platforms where one can rent cars, houses, spaces e.t.c. Uber, Taxify, Lyft, Air BnB,  are all parts of rental services. You can do the same here, all you need to do is get the written papers for agreements, advertise on different platforms if you’re going to do it independently or get registered on platforms that are already renting properties as a service.

34. Remote Pharmacist

The medical field can also operate online. Pharmacists can interact with patients online, diagnose them and deliver the needed medications to them afterwards. This field is actually for the trained and the professionals. Some hospitals hire a remote pharmacist to take healthcare to those who may
not be able to make it to the hospital

35. Online Counseling or Therapy

This is also a job that makes you interact with people, giving them good health advice and counselling. 

Also, a lot of people don’t like to go physically to a counsellor for the sake of being anonymous, one can also attend to patients anonymously.

36. Become A Options Trader

Forex trading and options trading is a good online business to start to make money online in Nigeria.

As stated earlier in Currency trading, Online trading of any sort would require a good understanding of what to do if one does not want to lose all his money. So, get good training and if you
I think you can analyse the money and commodities market indices, then go for it.

37. Become An online  Nutritionists/ Fitness Enthusiast

Have you ever been so worried about your weight that you go to your browser and search “how to lose weight” or “how to gain weight”? Well, many people do. With all the emphasis these days on eating a
healthy diet, many people need proper guidance on what is healthy for them. And there you go,
dishing out your knowledge of various foods and their effect on the body. People would pay to consult you. You can even create a bestseller (write a book on nutrition) and promote it online to generate passive income. 

38. Become A Voice Over Artist:

With the era of videos being a very serious thing, voice-over artists are in serious demand. From mimicking characters to cartoon characters, radio jingles, adverts, Trailers for movies, voice-over for YouTube videos, funny videos, subtitles and so many more. Becoming a voice over artist involves you having a peculiar or seemingly different voice or ability to switch voices and even mimic different people.

Voice over artists can get gigs from Fiverr, freelancer, up work e.t.c

39. Become A cartoonist online: 

Writing and designing webtoons is a good business idea.

So many people love toons, I love a good toon and its story too. Webtoon artists draw cartoon characters using adobe illustrator, clip studio paint, Krita, sketch e.t.c, upload them on their platform(mostly websites) then write little comments/stories about them that leaves their readers intrigued and in suspense and makes them anxiously wait for the next episode or series.

Webtoon artists make money from sponsored ads on their platforms, as advert publishers, making each reader pay before they can access their webtoons(subscriptions). This is a very lucrative way to make money online.

40. Become A Digital Marketer: 

I know someone that makes $4,000 monthly from freelancing for so many companies as a digital marketer. Digital marketing is just like marketing everyone knows about but unlike normal marketing, this particular one is done in the online space. 

From Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter posts, run adverts for them online, brief their customers about their latest promotions, freebies, and products to everything done on their online space.

They use software like tailwind, planoly, hoot suite e.t.c to schedule posts on their social media handles and email software to send promotions to their customers via email. 

You can freelance on Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer e.t.c as a digital marketer and make so much money online.

41. Become An Investor: 

Investing is also a good business to start just because it requires a lot of money to do so.

The famous Warren Buffet made so much of his money from Investments. There are so many genuine investment platforms to invest your money and get great returns. Investment is a great way to make money although sometimes the market drops and some other times it rises following the growth patterns and spurt of a company would tell you if the company would keep thriving or not and if you should invest with them or not  

Piggyvest is an investment app I use. Although the currency and investments are in naira and dollars, it’s always a good way to save and invest on this app. Start your piggy vest journey here

Farm power is also an agritech that pays investors a certain percentage when they invest with them in Naira

Before investing with any platform, double-check so as not to lose money.

42. Start An online Box Service and Surprise Business

Running a box service is a good business to start. People that offer box services help people to surprise their loved ones or people they are trying to appreciate with a box of gifts or any kind of gift for different occasions and make money from the service.

To be able to run this kind of business, you need to have more than just an idea of different gifts and different ways to surprise people.

43. Stock Photography

Stock photographers are photographers who take pictures of different things, register on accredited photography sites and get paid when those pictures are purchased by different people. 

You can take up stock photography and make money online in Nigeria. All you need to do is get a good knowledge of photography, edit your pictures properly with any editing software like Adobe Photoshop, upload them, spread words about them and make money when people purchase them and they make decent amounts from these websites. Some examples of websites that offer stock photography services are pexels, Shutterstock, Getty Images, icons.com.

44. Start Greeting Cards designs and sell them online 

People still adore the good old way of sending congratulatory messages to others and greeting cards are still in vogue. People still send greeting cards to families, people and groups they hold close to their hearts. Greeting cards are cards that convey goodwill messages from one person to another. 

Designing and Printing business cards and running them as a business owner is very lucrative and one can use their sense of creativity to design different cards, put down so many heartwarming messages and send them to their different destinations.

 To start a business like designing greeting cards as a business owner, one needs to be creative and flexible with designs and also be able to write down heartwarming messages.

45. Website Flipping

With over  1,197,982,359 websites in the World as of January 2021, owning a website and flipping it when you have attained a certain level is quite ideal and lucrative for everyone. Website flipping means selling your website, blog after running it for several years. Some websites like flippa sell different types of websites and you can place yours there for sale.

46. Start A Personal Shopper/ Errand Services

A personal shopper helps to do the shopping for groceries, clothing and everything that needs to be shopped for and gets paid for the service rendered.

Errand services involve running errands like picking one’s kids from school, getting the car from the auto repair shop, and so many different errands and also getting paid for the service rendered.

These are both lucrative ways of making money in your spare time and the good thing about it is that it’s flexible and convenient.

47. Font Creation 

Font creation is a good way to make money but at first, you have to really put in a lot of work creating the font with adobe illustrator or other font creation software and then license your fonts and finally put them up for people to pay some amounts for them.

48. Become An online Personal Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is a professional who helps people assess their current physical and emotional state, and helps them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals. To be able to take personal wellness as a business, you need to be certified in any of the wellness areas you choose to show your area of expertise. The four major areas are nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and mental health.

Anyone you choose to venture into, you have to be great and handle your clients with respect and utmost care.

49. Offering online  Cooking Classes/ Sell Recipes:

Everyone loves a well-cooked meal and knowing how to cook it is also an additional bonus. A chef or one who is skilled in cooking delicious meals can decide to start offering cooking classes online as a registered business and make money from it. 

Selling recipes is also a plus as one can do it online and make money online in Nigeria.

50. Become an online travel planning agent  

People want to save money even when they travel and they want to go to the most fun places, see the best of things and get the best out of every trip they do and as one with a travel planning business in mind, getting the best out of their travels should be your goal.

You can help people plan travels to different locations and get paid for your efforts and all these can be done online from Nigeria.

51. Online Clothing Boutiques

51% of Americans favour online shopping and In 2018, the overall revenue from retail sales in the US was $6 trillion.

Still, in 2019, 90% of retail sales are happening in physical stores. With 90% of retail sales going on in physical stores, you can thrive in the fashion industry by owning a boutique online and also offline. Online for people that do not have the time to come into the walk in-store and offline for people to look at your cloth catalogue, pick their different sizes, choose the colour or shade they want the items in, pay for them and have you deliver them.

 To start an online boutique, you need to have an idea of what fashion or trendy means. First, you define your target audience, create a good website by buying a domain name and hosting or using e-commerce websites like Shopify, define different catalogues by colours, types of dresses or clothing, sizes e.t.c and set your website live.

For physical or walk-in boutiques, you also need to define your target market, hunt for busy locations with good parking spaces, get clothing that is in trend and also those that everyone loves to wear and you are set.

52. Sales of Beard Growth Oils And Treatment online to make money in Nigeria

The global beard oil market size was valued at USD 925.9 million in 2018 and is projected to expand further at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2019 to 2025.

With a market predicted to hit over $982 million in 2025, this is a perfect time to join this market and make money from it.

You can make money from beard growth treatments and kits in two ways. First is formulating and producing your beard growth treatment and the second is identifying popular and effective beard growth treatment companies and becoming a distributor for them.

With so many males in different countries joining the beard growth trend, this is a lucrative business to start.

53. Sales of  Hair Growth Treatments to make money online in Nigeria 

The global hair oil market is projected to reach  USD 3.9 billion by 2024,  registering a CAGR of  4.78 % during the forecast period (2019 – 2024)

Every gender male and female alike that decides to groom their hair wants to come out with healthy, strong and breakage free hair and this is where you help them fill the gap. You can achieve this in two ways:

  • Production and formulation of hair growth treatments/kit
  • Becoming a  sales distributor for a hair growth treatment brand 

54. Sales of Scented Candles online

The global scented candles market size was estimated at USD 336.7 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 364.9 million in 2020.

Scented candles help create a relaxing environment and help one meditate while inhaling fragrances. Scented candles are therapeutic and also help one to relax and live in the moment. Scented candles are made by incorporating essential oils into candles and they normally come in a glass jar to prevent them from spilling.

You can make money online in Nigeria from scented candles by either making them yourself and selling them or looking for popular brands with a huge customer base and becoming sales agents for them, either way, you are running a business.

55. Sales Of Different Classes Of Perfumes online in Nigeria

You can decide to also sell different types of perfumes from perfume, Eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and Eau Fraiche e.t.c 

You can either sell them at a physical location like your walk-in shop or sell them on an e-commerce website either way or both ways simultaneously is ideal.

56. Start Dropshipping goods and services

Dropshipping is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock.


One thing people don’t know about is this, dropshipping doesn’t involve just goods, people also drop-ship services. The competition in dropshipping goods is so much that it’s really difficult for newbies in the business to thrive as business owners.

Guess what, Dropshipping services come to the rescue. The same way you post goods on any of your online platforms and when people pay for them, you go and get them from the owners or merchants the same way that the service happens. 

In dropshipping services, it’s all similar but unlike goods, services are being advertised and then links are pasted with a tracking id that indicates which of the vendors it’s coming from. All you need to do is post or advertise different services and when people click on them with your link and use their services, you get paid for it.

57. Selling Customized gift items online in Nigeria

While people are wondering what gifts to give their friends or loved ones, you can always bring your A-game as a business owner to the table. 

Customizing different gift items from personalized jotters, water bottles, wristwatches, t-shirts, sneakers, shoes e.t.c all these can be customized and money will be made from them.

58. T-shirt Design and  Branding

T-shirt branding is one of the most lucrative and good businesses out there.

I’m yet to see a person that doesn’t like a branded shirt. From shirts with their names or nicknames customized at the back or in front to names of companies, teams, organizations,  drawings, designs and so many write-ups e.t.c all customized to the back or front of the shirts.

This is very lucrative because it is in very high demand and people pay very well to get them, especially those with high-quality prints.

59. Become A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant requires you to become a personal assistant to someone but unlike the normal personal assistant we all know, this particular one is done online. A virtual assistant could organise daily activities and schedules, place calls, read emails, send emails and all these are done online.

Becoming a virtual assistant is a good start to making money online in Nigeria.

60. Search Engine Optimisation Of Websites And Posts

As an SEO expert, you can make money online in Nigeria by optimising different websites and web pages for different search engines. 

SEO experts make so much money online in Nigeria due to the numerous websites and web pages and every page wanting to rank on the first pages when a query is input on search engines.

Search engine experts is a low competition niche in Nigeria and it’s a wise decision to venture into search engine optimization to make money online in Nigeria.

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