What Is A Barber Shop


A barber shop is a place that offers haircuts to men as its primary service.

Since the early BC’s the barbers shop has been in  existence and has always been a place for people to gather around and talk about their day to day activities and escapades.

In this recent century, barber shops don’t just give haircuts to just men, they now also offer grooming and shave services to men,  boys and also give different hair cuts to women. 


How To Start A Barber Shop

Starting a barber shop is indeed  lucrative and a great way to increase one’s earning capacity  .


Here are the necessary steps needed to start a barber shop


Step 1- Write Down Your Business Plan For Your Shop


A barber shop is a business and for that reason, it’s supposed to have a feasible business plan.

The business plan is a laid out plan containing the summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor and implement activities necessary and sufficient for the venture to succeed.

This business plan can be written by paid professionals or can be written down by the business owner if he/she  has an idea of how the business should be run.

Putting down a business plan is the very first and most important step to starting a barber shop.


Step 2- Get The Necessary Licence For Your Barber Shop


Just like medical practitioners, lawyers, engineers and all other practices, while starting a barber shop, you would need to get the necessary license a barber shop requires and these licenses vary from country to country.

To be clear on which of the licences one should get for a barber shop, you should ask other shop owners around you.

Barber shop
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Step 3- Get A Good Location For Your Barber Shop


For every business that would include a physical location, choosing that location is very paramount to the success of that business.

A shop in a city with so many people around, in a location that other barber shops  aren’t located would do so well due to less competition by other barber shops and also even though there are other haircut  shops around and with a high population of people living around there too, a new haircut shop can also thrive as long as the business owner and his employees are well skilled in barbing.


Step 4- Register Your Barber Shop For Taxes


Registration of a haircut  shop for taxes depends on the country where that barber shop is located.

Due to the varying taxes, one would be mandated to pay, it would be better to ask the necessary authorities for the necessary taxes to be paid.


Step 5- Create Business Bank Accounts For Your Barber Shop


For your haircut shop to be able to access funds, grants or loans, you need to have a business account.

Not just to get access to funds but also to be able to manage and track all the money that comes from your business.

One great advantage a business bank account has is that it can be used to manage your business finance and also access to credit cards and other facilities to aid seamless transactions in your business.


Step 6- Define Your Business


At this stage, you would want to define the kind of clients and the services you want to offer. Cutting, shaving, grooming, curls and all the other services you would want to incorporate in your barber shop.

Some other  shops also add services like manicure and pedicure to their business routine.

Also, you should set the different prices for the different services rendered.


Step 7- Start Marketing Your  Shop


Marketing doesn’t start when the business is already up, marketing your haircut shop should start the moment you are sure about starting a barber shop.

From word of mouth to your neighbours, families, friends because they will patronise you first to sign posts, hypes, jingles, social media e.t.c

When you first choose a name to call your haircut shop, you need to first reserve the names on social media by creating  accounts using the name on social media even though you won’t start posting immediately.

But for more active results, it is better to start social media hype, post about different things pertaining to the opening of your haircut shop, hair care and other related posts with relevant hashtags  to keep the audience glued to your business .

You would also need to create a website to help your customers book your service  online.

You can get started by buying domain name and hosting here 

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Step 8- Stack Up Your Shop


At this stage, you should stack up your haircut shop with items like 

  • Large mirrors
  • Towel sterilizers
  • Strips 
  • Clippers and barbing set
  • Chairs for barbing 
  • Proper lights inside the shop
  • Shaving gels 
  • Methylated spirit
  • Creams and lotions for hair treatment
  • Talc


Once the items in your shop are ready, it’s time to start accepting walk-in customers to your  shop.


Who Is Your Target Market For Your Barber Shop?


According to the services you offer and the prices you have set, you will be able to determine your target market easily. 

In your business plan, your target market would first be a wide range until your prices have been set .

For a haircut shop, the target market is mostly male kids from age 1- 70 years who love to have nice hair cuts and also females in their late 20’s to 40’s who love to keep their hair low .


What Is A Typical Day For A Barber


In a haircut shop, a typical day would be filled with staff in a haircut shop, cutting, shaving, grooming, dyeing hairs and doing other services that the barber shop offers.


Is Owning A Barber Shop Profitable?


A barber shop is very profitable. 


How Can I Make My Barber Shop Get More Customers

You can  attract more customers to your business by giving out free items, Free WiFi, discount for referrals , discount for online bookings, entertainment e.t.c


How Many Haircuts Does A Barber Do A Day?


A barber can do as low as 1 hair cut per day to as much as 20 haircuts and above as there are no limits to how many haircuts a barber can do a day. 

The amount of customers a barber shop gets per day depends on the location of that particular business and how much marketing is done for the business.

Also, there tends to be more customers during the weekend than week days because a lot of people have to be at work or in school during the week days, but during the weekends, they get enough time to take care of themselves .

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