How Do I Write An Engaging Blog Post


How do I write an engaging blog post is quite a popular search query amongst new and beginning bloggers.

How do I write an engaging blog post

Just like other new bloggers now, a few years ago, I was a new blogger and clueless about anything concerning blogging and creating engaging content for my audience. 

Time passed and I decided to stand on my feet and learn how to create engaging posts.

The beautiful thing about learning is that it’s very possible to perfect your skills in less time and you see yourself thriving.

The entire process prompted me to write this post on how to write an engaging blog post.


Here are the necessary steps I use to write an engaging blog post

1- Proper Research On Different Ideas To Pick An Engaging One


There is always a struggle to pick an idea one would term engaging and most times it takes you straight to writer’s block with nothing, absolutely nothing coming to mind. 

Just before you give into writing a post, you would want to term engaging, you would need to look at a broad list of topics and ideas that are related to your blog’s niche.

Proper research is the first and most crucial step to writing engaging blog posts, especially blog posts that people search for with high monthly search volumes and posts that are evergreen.

Quora, Reddit, Stack exchange, QApop, Slant, Paymo, Instapaper, Pinterest, and even Google are platforms one can use to research for blog post ideas.

Research on Pinterest is quite easy because every day, you get notifications about trending topics and you can pick from any of them on there.

Research for engaging content ideas on Quora, Reddit, and other questions and answers platforms can be done by browsing through the different sections, checking through ideas with plenty of likes, upvotes, engagements, and noting them down.

Research on Google using google search suggestions is the most popular and most reliable topic research platform because Google is currently the world’s best search engine covering over 90% of the world market. Aside from giving auto suggestions, they give insights like popular searches, specific searches, and related searches.

A detailed way to do the proper idea research is this

  • Go to Quora, Reddit, or any of the popular question and answer platforms.
  • Search through the different topics and search for the ones related to your blog’s niche.
  • Note down the questions on each different topic with very high engagement(likes, shares, upvotes).
  • Take those topics to google and search for them.
  • Note down the related searches, more specific searches, and people also search tabs.
  • Those are the potential ideas that would bring in engagements.


2- Intensive  Keyword Research 


After you have picked a suitable idea, you would need to take the idea and search for keywords that correlate with that idea and that keyword should appear at least 4-5 times in your blog post depending on the word count for that article. 

A keyword should appear 4-5 times if the article is a bit above 1,000 words.


While searching for keywords for a particular blog post idea, always look out for 

  • Search Difficulty Of That Keyword
  • Search Volume greater than 1,000
  • Domains Already Ranking For That Keyword and backlinks.


All these can be done with keyword research tools like Ahref, SemRush, Moz, Ubersuggest, and a lot of other keyword search tools. 

Although the accuracy of some keyword tools is still very dicey because they can’t give the exact search volume and can only give a few fractions. Sometimes a keyword might appear on keyword tools to have 0 (zero) search volume and drive thousands of traffic to a website. 


3- Outline Your Subheadings For Your Blog Post


From my experience, breaking your post into different subheadings helps your audience to go directly to what they want to read.

It saves them time and also helps them to read and understand other articles easily.


4- Write The Body Of Your Engaging Post


While writing, always writes in words that give a maximum understanding of the idea you have in mind so that your audience can have a clear picture of your thoughts or imaginations or what you are talking about depending on the type of blog post.

Also, make sure your words are properly punctuated and give enough room for your audience to breathe while they go through your blog post.

Your engaging blog post can always go in two ways. Either you write the blog post yourself or you hire people to write them for you with your writing guidelines.


5- Use Proper Punctuations and Brief Sentences 


In your posts, always make sure your punctuations are in order and your sentences are brief. 

A lot of people do not have time to read and when they do, most of them wouldn’t want to have to read very lengthy sentences but prefer sentences in posts that are straight to the point and brief. 

To maintain your audience, your posts should be brief and straight to the point.


6- Create Original Content


Nothing hits better than original content. Original content always boosts engagements, not only to your readers but also to search engine robots.

Ever had to go from one website to another for a particular search query and almost all the contents are identical with all the websites almost a spin-off of each other. Nothing is engaging about unoriginal posts.

Original posts help you retain your audience and even get more referrals when they share your post on different platforms.

After writing your post or hiring a freelance writer to do that for you, you should always check for plagiarism.


7-  Write Like You Are Human


When people read posts constantly from a particular website, it’s because they feel like they can relate with what the writer is saying or he has written some things that they feel they would need.

Write in a way people would be able to relate to and understand your article.


8- Use Of Rousing Headlines


Your audience would not know the content of your article, you should be able to make them want to read it by giving them a very compelling title. Like a clickbait positively and your article should contain what you wrote about in your headline.


8- Promote Your Posts


After you have written your post, it is best to promote them by word of mouth, social media, email marketing and even position them properly for search engines by using search engine optimization.

You can also ask your audience to like and share your post on different platforms when they are published on your blog.



Linda Orjiakor is a serial entrepreneur, content writer and professional blogger with years of blogging experience. She's passionate about helping business owners make the most out of their businesses, leveraging their online space and getting the best out of their online platforms, she also helps bloggers scale their blogs into a real business on her new blog, www.lindaorjiakor.com. She has written articles also published on authority websites like BellaNaija >> https://www.bellanaija.com/2021/05/linda-orjiakor-killing-the-shame-associated-with-menstruation/