How to make money from Amazon affiliates in Nigeria.


If you are wondering how affiliates make money from Amazon affiliates in Nigeria, this is a detailed article where I would be documenting the process of how I joined Amazon affiliates easily and started making money with Amazon affiliates in Nigeria. Amazon affiliates are known as Amazon associates and it’s owned by Amazon. It is not as difficult as people worry about joining and I didn’t use any VPN to get registered, so there is no need for you to stress yourself about VPN too and the entire process was seamless and some with my mobile phone.

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria In Five Easy Steps

Step 1 – Buy A Domain Name, Website Hosting And SSL

To make money from Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria, One would need to have either a website or a mobile app because where you would display your link and Amazon has to know you own one by inputting the links.

The first step is to buy a domain name, select hosting for the domain name and also pay for SSL for that website. These names sound weird if you are a bit new in the web hosting and website industry, I will explain them all for you.

A domain name is the name of a website with any of the suffixes – com,, e.t.c. If you take a look at my website, HTTPS://, is my domain name.

Hosting a domain name as the name sounds is the running and maintenance of your domain name on a server. Hosting companies like Bluehost run and maintain your domain name on their server for as low as $2.95/month and even when a problem occurs with your theme or it suddenly crashes, they always have a backup kept safely for you if you host with them.

SSL on the other hand indicated that a website or mobile app webpage is secured. When you first check a website protocol, every website comes with HTTP:// but only the ones that are protected comes with HTTPS:// and a  padlock icon before the HTTPS, with the padlock icon and the “a” indicating security on that web page and the page is protected so that customers would feel safe being on your website.

Bluehost offers all of these services (getting a domain name, hosting your domain name and SSL for your website all for $2.95/month. Sign up with them here).

After the domain name, hosting and SSL from Bluehost has been obtained, it’s time to take other measures relating to setting up your website.

Other things you would need to do after buying a domain name and hosting from Bluehost are

1- Select A Niche You Would Want To Venture Into To Make Money From The Amazon Affiliate Program

The first step after buying your domain name and hosting from Bluehost would be to select the niche you want your website to be about. You cannot just start marketing everything on Amazon affiliates because there are way too many things and you would tend to lose focus early. Picking a niche for your blog would determine the type of theme you would need on your website since the recommended website for one who wants to go full-time into amazon affiliate marketing is a product review website because it is better for amazing affiliate based websites.


2- Articles For  Your Website

Articles written on your website are what will generate affiliate leads. No matter the custom links you create or copy, without articles on your websites or recommendations and reviews, there would be nobody to see them and buy products using your Amazon affiliate links.

There are two ways to write articles:

  • Write them yourself
  • Outsource by Using platforms where ghostwriters create articles for you and you pay them. Platforms like Fiverr, hire writers,, Upwork, flex jobs, e.t.c offer these services.

Outsourcing is the only way out because while you pay writers to write for you, all you need to do is give them the headings, outline and formats you want it in and after they deliver, you can edit them by using grammar editing software like Grammarly or also hire an editor from Fiverr to do the editing for you.


3- Search Engine Optimisation For Your Website(Seo) 

For your website to appear on search engines like google, you would need to do proper SEO.

SEO is researching both keywords and the arrangement of different pages on your websites so that your website ranks on google search engine result pages and other search engine result pages.  

SEO doesn’t just end with words written all over, you would also need to involve your images too. You would need to create alternate takes for them to also rank on search engines too. 

The basic SEO practices include keyword research using a good keyword research tool like Ahref, Semrush, making sure the keyword shows up as many times as necessary in the entire article written, interlinking your posts, adding your keyword as alternate texts on your images, setting a good meta description, slug and SEO title for all your articles.

For all these, you would need a good SEO plugin, like Yoast, All in one SEO or Rank maths.


4- Increase Your Domain Authority.

For Google and other search engines, other websites linking to your website is an indication that your website Is trustworthy and authoritative. This is one criterion Google uses to rank posts on very competitive keywords. even though they have denied it on several occasions. Increasing your website’s domain authority would increase the way your website shows up on search engines. 

To check your current website domain authority, you need to simply click on any search engine, type in ” Ahref website authority checker”, click on the link, input your website details and check the domain authority of your website.

Websites with their domain authority below 50 barely rank for competitive keywords like keywords with “best” in them like “best finance banks”, ” best small businesses to start” because domains with higher domain authority have pretty much overtaken them in the race to rank.

To increase your website’s domain authority, you would need to increase the number of your links on other websites with high domain authority, linking back to you. This is called backlinks.

Backlinks are the number of links from your websites on other websites telling google or other search engine robots that your website is real and trustworthy. 

To increase the backlinks of your website, you would need to do the following

1-Write guest posts on other websites and include your website links to their author’s tagline or you can directly ask them for a link back to your website.

2- Comment on other websites and drop your website links there but don’t make it look spammy.

3- Write great content so that people link back to you naturally.

4- Drop your website URL on Social media platforms

5- Answer questions on forums like Quora and Reddit and also drop your links as citations. This would help search engine bots also capture your site during the crawling 


Step 2- Register For Amazon Affiliate To Make Money In Nigeria From Amazon Affiliates

To register for Amazon affiliates in Nigeria, you would need to have the following

  • A smartphone, desktop, or laptop
  • Steady data connection
  • Working email address
  • Website or mobile app


How Do I Register For Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria

Steps to register for Amazon affiliates in Nigeria and make money


1- Visit The Amazon Associates Website And Create An Account.

To register for Amazon affiliate in Nigeria, you first need to create an account and this process requires you to go to the link ”

The landing page on Amazon Affiliates shows you some graphics on how Amazon associates work and some frequently asked questions. An option up top invites you to sign in. Click on the sign-in button and then it takes you to a sign-in page and below says create a new Amazon account, click on the create a new Amazon account. Your information like your name and email address would be needed to verify your account. After they have sent you a mail and your account is verified, you will be taken to the first of four pages to input some other information.

How do I make money from Amazon affiliates in Nigeria

Page 1- Account Information Page

The account information is the first page amongst the other three on the Amazon associate creation of the accounting process. It contains 

  • the payee’s name which is your name, 
  • address lines 1,2 and 3 which should be your address
  • Your city
  • your state, province or region
  • the postal code of your vicinity(you can get that from a Google search)
  • Using your countries code(+234 for Nigeria), include your phone number
  • Check the circle with ” the payee listed above” when asked “who is the main contact for this account”
  • Click on Next to land on the second page.


Page 2- Website And Mobile App List 

The second page of the Amazon affiliates accounts creation page should contain your website and mobile app list. 

Here you get to input your website URL, if you don’t have a website, click HERE to get a domain name and hosting with Bluehost and you also get to input your Mobile apps URL if that’s the medium you will be using for an Amazon affiliate. For both website and mobile apps URL, you can input all the links you will be used to by adding them to that account. After you have added it, click on next.

When you click on next, a notification pops up asking you if the website or mobile app URL you have added is for kids under 13years, if it is, click yes, if it’s not, check the No circle and proceed to the next page.


Page 3- Profile Creation Page

The third page on the Amazon associates accounts creation is the profile creation. From choosing what your preferred associate’s store  ID should be to what your website is about, items you would want to market, traffic and monetization of your website or mobile app, how you build links and other important questions and then finally typing in the characters given to make sure you are not a robot. Finally agree to the terms and conditions then click on finish to proceed.


Page 4- Start Using Amazon Associates Central Account

This is the fourth and final process. Here, you get to search for products and get custom links for different items you would want to market.

As the title of the article states, this is the easiest way to become an Amazon affiliate and make money using Amazon affiliate. The processes above were carried out seamlessly by me using a mobile phone.


STEP 3- Search For Products And Create Your Custom Links To Make Money From Amazon Affiliates

To make money from amazing affiliates in Nigeria, you would need to search for products that are in your website’s niche. If you don’t have a website yet, you can start yours by buying a domain name and hosting with Bluehost at $2.95/month.

When your registration is complete, you will need to search for products that you can market on your website.


STEP 4- Start Link Cloaking For All Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Link cloaking is the process of shortening your affiliate links. Most affiliate links are usually long and look like spam URLs and it makes google see the links as spam so cloaking them is way better rather than having very long links, something like recommends/product is way better.

Cloaking helps to increase click-through rates, reduce commission losses, track affiliates easily, and improve email delivery rates. Plugins like thirsty affiliates, pretty link affiliates, easy affiliates can help with cloaking on your WordPress website


STEP 5- Promote Your Links To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate 

Promoting your links to make money from Amazon affiliates in Nigeria would mean that you are also promoting your website.

Even after buying a domain name, hosting and SSL from Bluehost and creating your website, it would be so difficult to sell anything without having traffic on your site. You would need to promote your website and articles so people can read through your recommendations, but the products through your affiliate links and you in return make money through commission from Amazon affiliates in Nigeria.

There are so many channels to get website traffic for your website. 

Here are 9 ways to drive massive traffic to your website and make money from Amazon affiliates.

  • Paid Search

The paid search involves paying for your website to pop up first when certain keywords related to your niche are searching for. Paid search is a good way to drive massive traffic to your website but after driving this much traffic to your website, you would need to sustain them and keep the new customers close by collecting their email addresses on the landing page.

Below is an example of a paid search

Img for paid search

  • Emails

Emails have been a way to massively drive traffic or create great conversions. For every $1 spent on email marketing $42 is gotten back. Sending emails out would help increase your traffic when your links are on your website and also, you can include your Amazon affiliates to products on your emails to help generate sales.

  • Shopping Portal

On Shopping portals, you can register your affiliate links, when people place orders there, you get your commission and Amazon does the rest.

  • Offline

With word of mouth, you can tell people about your website while you are networking or just random people. When they come on your website as web traffic, they can choose from your recommendations if there are items they want to buy.

  • Social Networks

Social media networks are one of the most popular ways to drive traffic. From Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e.t.c you can use them all to drive traffic to your website by posting your links and having massive engagements on your website

  • Forums

On forums like quora, Reddit people often ask questions and other people answer their questions. If someone asks a question and you know the answer to it, you can always answer the question, and also include a link to your blog related to that question or not even related to the question. It helps to drive traffic to your website.

  • SEO

SEO is the best way to drive traffic to a website. It’s just like passive income, after a while you have written the article, it keeps driving massive traffic to that website as long as you have followed the SEO best practices simultaneously.

  • Blogs

Writing and interacting on other blogs helps to drive massive traffic to yours. This is something you should always try but don’t overdo it to avoid it looking like spam


Can I Be An Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria?


You can be an Amazon affiliate marketer in Nigeria. For my other blog, Amazon affiliate is a primary means of monetization and I had to register seamlessly and I am currently an Amazon affiliate marketer using all the tips I have showcased above.


Conclusion On How To Make Money In Nigeria Using Amazon Affiliates 

Summary of steps  to make money using Amazon affiliates in Nigeria


Step 1- Buy a domain name, website hosting and SSL from Bluehost

Step 2-Register for Amazon affiliate to make money in Nigeria 

Step 3-Search for products and create custom links 

Step 4- Start link cloaking 

Step 5- Promote your links aggressively.



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