Is Working From Home Effective And Efficient?


Yes, working from home is very effective.

Working from home has become one of the newest trends of the 21st century which will continue through our time into the future. As computers continue to evolve, our society will also continue to change. 


Most likely, in the future, most jobs will be executed remotely. This would reduce the cost of transporting employees and the cost of building work structures. An organization can also continue to function in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack as its workforce is dispersed across a wide geographical location. 


With these benefits, many organizations may consider having their employees work from remote locations in future.

How  Can You Improve Your Productivity And Efficiency  While Working From Home


Although working remotely from home is a splendid innovation, there are lots of things to consider before making that decision. To be productive and efficient while working from home, there are multiple factors to account for when you work at home. 

Without knowing when to do office work while at home, the daily effort will be wasted on unnecessary personal concerns and procrastination. It is therefore pertinent that you have a clear idea of when to begin carrying out assigned tasks while working at home to complete them effectively and efficiently even from your domicile.


Here are some tips to help you to improve your work experience, productivity and efficiency while working from home.


1.  Work From Home When You Are Dedicated, Committed, Responsible

As a thumb rule, any person intending to begin work from home and increase their work at home experience and productivity at home must have these three basic, tough characters. Without cultivating these as a habit then you are not ready to begin work from home. If you are committed, dedicated and responsible then you are all set and ready to begin to work from home. These three are priceless amongst attitudes toward work.

Aside from commitment, dedication and responsibility, there are a host of other attitudes which one requires before beginning work from home. Having the right attitude and disposition towards work goes a long way to make sure that you stay focused on tasks that need to be accomplished. 


2. Set Up Your Workspace Before You Start Working From Home


Without a workspace within your home then it would be impossible to keep files organized. Lack of organization means hiccups during work time. You could misplace a pen and spend the whole afternoon searching through the rooms in your house. 

With a workspace, every necessary material needed to accomplish tasks are within reach and any unavailable materials can be easily noted.

When you have set up your workspace then you are gradually getting to start work from home.


3.  Ensure Your Workspace Is Secure 


Having a secure workspace is a top priority. Without a secure workspace, company secrets may find their way into competitors hands and hackers may gain access to important files and documents. This could ruin all of your hard work. It is therefore very necessary to make sure that your workspace is secure.

Make enquiries and take into cognizance the policy of your employer towards using public Wi-Fi services. Explain the importance of keeping away from your workspace to family members and ensure that they do not freely access your workspace.


 4. Work When You Feel Refresh And Inspired

Working from home can be quite daunting at times. Even as an introvert the feeling of loneliness and fatigue from work can wear you out. It is quite necessary to begin work at home when you feel refreshed and inspired. You could play soft music or take a cup of coffee to calm your nerves and keep you alert. You may decide to take a bath just before you begin work or scan through a document or file. Do anything that calms your nerves and prepares you for work. 

When you feel overworked, take some time off and let the fatigue wear off before you continue.


5. Set A Schedule And Fix A Deadline


If you have a schedule and deadline for tasks and you keep up with them, then you are good to go. Without the external motivation from other work personnel in a normal traditional office setting, work becomes more tedious and if there are no schedules or deadlines you might find yourself floating atop unfinished files or losing your mind over the amount of time it takes you to accomplish tasks. 

Many people do not work well with rigid schedules therefore applying a flexible schedule can also suffice. But make sure that the deadline is fixed and not flexible in any way. This will help you measure your progress as you carry out tasks and assignments.


6. Create A To-do List


Well, schedules may look like the real deal but without breaking the tasks down into bits that can be achieved hourly or bi-hourly then the schedule may become troublesome. Having a to-do list deals with this problem. 

When you have a to-do list that breaks down the tasks of the schedule into tinier parts then you are ready for working at home. It keeps you focused on what to achieve at a given moment. The schedule might be broad but the to-do list has a particular focus on what is to be done.


7. Build A Healthy Routine Before Work


As stated earlier some activities relax your mind and prepare you for tasks ahead. These activities if done continuously over time can build up your subconscious to note that once such activities are completed, work comes next. It could be a bath, a cup of coffee, returning from a jog, completing a few house chores or anything that makes your mind click. The routine prepares you for the office work which comes next. With a routine, the brain and the body anticipate work even before you begin. Therefore when you want to work go through that healthy routine of yours first.


8. Work When You Get A New Task Which Motivates You


Well, well, sometimes there are tasks which pique our interests to their limits. We toe the line quickly towards the end of the project. Working with interests towards a project ensures that one works effectively. Poring over those files, reading through those documents or completing the tasks will no longer seem like work.

How can I be productive while working from home

9. Work When There Are No Distractions


When the kids are out for school or have gone visiting friends, it is the best time to work. If they are on summer vacation or are kept from school due to natural disasters make sure to let them know the importance of not disturbing your home office. Distraction from family can be very costly. 

If your kids are young and do not grasp the severity of the situation, arrange to have a friend, a neighbour or a babysitter take care of your kids while you work.

If your neighbourhood is noisy, you might have to find a way to make your home office soundproof.


Working from home may seem stressful but once one is ready then it is time to get to work.


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