How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Fast in 2022

How To Make Money Fast Online In Nigeria


The growing population of internet users and people making actual money online from Nigeria has prompted the search for “how to make money online in Nigeria”.

Here Are The Best 23 Ways  You Can Make Money Online In Nigeria fast in 2022.

How can I make money online fast in Nigeria

1- Buying And Selling Of Cryptocurrencies Online in 2022

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies online is a way one can make money online in Nigeria.

As the name implies, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies based on cryptographic systems.

Just like other currencies, they can be used to buy and sell different items online, they can also be bought and sold online too.

Currently, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency but other popular cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dogecoin, coin, money, dash, bitcoin cash e.t.c


2- Make Money Online On Fiverr In Nigeria In 2022

A lot of Nigerians in the past few years have made a few million from online platforms like Fiverr and a lot more will continue to do so.

Fiverr is a marketplace for skills and talent and also, there is a section for those who want to hire people to take on projects for them.

To register on Fiverr, one would have to choose if they want to search for jobs or they want to hire talents to do projects for them and then register accordingly.

According to an article written by, six skills sell effectively on Fiverr and they have also taken a very large and noticeable increase in demand for them and also, they are skilled people looking to join Fiverr should lookout to have as to early a lot of money online from the platform.

Below are the skills that are very profitable on Fiverr


Video Marketing:

Freelancers charge between $300- $18,000 per project for this particular skill on Fiverr. From explainer videos to other kinds of video adverts that are used to promote a particular product, company or service, people with this skill create different types of marketing videos.


Website Building:

Web design or development is a great way to make money on Fiverr. With a lot of new companies and small businesses springing up and looking for an online presence, web design is a wanted and profitable skill on Fiverr. Web designers and developers on Fiverr sell for $100- $3,000.


Mobile App Development:

Mobile app developers on Fiverr make about $300-$3,000 developing apps for ios and android operating systems. They also offer services like debugging and adding relevant or removing unwanted features on the app through updates.


Search And Development Marketing: 

Search and development marketers earn about $100- $2,000 from Fiverr. On Fiverr, they consult for large companies after doing market research and studying a lot of marketing techniques used by others.


Chatbot Development :

Chatbots are those bots that reply to messages on a website. Most times, they are automated because for each question asked, they have slated an answer. This happens when a chat box operator is not close by for example during the weekends. A chatbot developer earns about $10- $2,000 on Fiverr.


Graphics Design / Ui / Ux Design: 

Graphics designers are in charge of designing logos, business cards, t-shirts, billboard designs and branding for almost every company. The reason this is becoming so popular is this. There is hardly any new business that wouldn’t want a logo for their brand therefore, it makes the demand for graphics designers high.

Ui/Ux designers on the other hand are in charge of designing what a website or an application should look like and providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Designers on fiverr earn about $100- $3,000.


2d And 3d Models: 

2D and 3D models are used for real estate illustrations, architecture, short adverts and even short drama’s. 

2D and 3D model creators earn about $100- $2,000 per illustration they create.


Business Copywriting:

Business copywriting involves writing press releases, blog posts, ad copy’s,  online and offline magazine articles and search engine optimized contents. Business copywriters make about $100 – $2,000 per project.

To start making money online in Nigeria from Fiverr, click here to join.


3- Make Money Fast Online in Nigeria From  Affiliate Marketing In 2022

Affiliate marketing in layman’s terms occurs when you market a particular product or service, someone uses your referral to buy a particular product or order for a particular service and then you get paid for it. 

One who is actively involved in affiliate marketing is called an affiliate marketer.


How to make money online in Nigeria in 2022


4- Make Money Online Fast Starting A Blog In Nigeria In 2022

A blog is a portion of a website where the blog owner or writer puts down his/her opinion or news or issues concerning any niche they have chosen and expects interaction from his/her audience (blog reader).

Blogging is a great way to make money online in Nigeria. I wrote an entire post about blogging, read it here


5- Make Money Fast From  Online Proofreading In Nigeria In 2022

Proofreading simply implies going through content that has already been written and helping to improve the understandability of the content by editing the grammar to hasten to understand and pass the information being passed across properly. 

As a proofreader, tools like Grammarly, word booster, paper rater, language tool, slick write, pro writing aid, ginger software are needed for sleek proofreading and error-free articles.


6- Online Language Tutorials

Online tutorial platforms like a, tutorial, and a lot more allow you to register, teach kids different languages like English, French, German and so many other languages and get paid for it.

How can I make money online fast in nigeria

7- Online Customer Care Representative 

As an online customer care representative, you are required to respond to emails, send messages, respond to chatbox messages from customers and give feedback to your employer all online without having to meet them in person. 

Online customer care representation is a good way to make money online in Nigeria 


8- E-commerce 

E-commerce is the same as buying as selling but this is done online using different platforms like social media platforms, Etsy shop, Shopify, big commerce e.t.c 

Here, you get to create your online store and sell whatever you want to sell to your customers online. They pay and you get to send their products or the service they ordered.


How can I make money online fast in Nigeria in 2022


9- Participate In Online Surveys In Nigeria In 2022

Online surveys are a good way to make money online. They involve answering questions surrounding a given topic or topics and all you need to do is give your honest opinion about it. 

First off, you would need to register with them and once you take the survey, you get paid.


10- Online User Testing In Nigeria In 2022

When a company builds a new website or develops a new app, they often pay some individuals to criticize or evaluate the speed, user experience and efficiency of the site. 

The amount ranges from $10- $100 depending on the website or app.

You can always register on websites like and to start earning money online from testing software and websites.

How can I make money online fast in nigeria

11- Selling Your Photos Online 

You can sell your photos online and make money online. The pictures talked about are any type of pictures, from your pictures, pictures from vacation, cities, recipes, your home, nature, travel, work, any kind of pictures at all can be sold online. 

Platforms like 500px, shutter stock, adobe stock, restock, snapped4u, photo shelter and so many more websites allow you to sell your pictures and earn money from them online.


12- Social Media Management 

Social media management is a job that can be done from home and also it’s done online and money can be made from it in Nigeria. 

A social media manager takes care of a company’s reputation online.

To become a social media manager, you need to learn how to create social media accounts, create compelling contents that will attract the right audience for the brand. Use the relevant hashtags, use software like tailwind and Hootsuite to schedule posts on the different social media platforms.


13- Online Typing Of Documents

You can earn money online by typing different documents or even summarising contents in large documents and getting paid for them.


How to make money online from Nigeria 


14- Voice Over Artists

Voice over artists is the voices you hear in explainer videos or animations or illustrations. The whole idea behind it is a voice that can be used without a face to fit for different occasions.

A platform like matches voice-over artists to different voice projects.


15- Website Flipping

Just like real estate flipping, website flipping is selling your old website or even a new one you have grown for a little while to make a profit. Website flipping is a way to make money online in Nigeria. On a website like, you can sell your website or blog there.


16- Transcribing Audio Clips

Transcribing audio clips involves listening to audio and translating it to another language that would be easy to understand so that people can understand the message being passed across.


17- Make Money Online Playing Video Games

Some websites and apps pay you mostly in cents to play video games online, though it might not look like much when you start, but with time and constantly completing the tasks they give you, you can start earning money from it 


18- Make Money Online Uploading Music Online 

A lot of music artists are already making money online in Nigeria from uploading their music online on platforms like audio mack, Spotify, iTunes, band camp, tidal, TuneCore and many more.

On Spotify, an average of one million streams on a song gets about $3,222 paid to the artist.


19- Make Money Selling Designs Online

You  can make money online in Nigeria by selling different  designs for t-shirts, books, stickers and a lot more on websites like


20- Make Money Publishing Books Online


Publishing books on different online platforms is a great way to make money online in Nigeria. 

Books published online popularly called e-books are so popular with the everyday advancement in digital technology. Same way hard copy books come with different genres, e-books also come in different genres too.

Self-publishing platforms like Amazon kindle offer you free publishing for your e-books as long as they are 30 pages and above and you don’t get to pay anything while your books are displayed there, but for every book sold, they collect a particular percentage.

How can I make money online fast in Nigeria

21- Make Money Starting A Youtube Channel

YouTube channels are a great means to make money online in Nigeria.

YouTube is a platform where you upload videos about different things ranging from lifestyle, advice, recipes, rides, adventure, tourism, product recommendation and so many more ideas to share on YouTube.

You start earning money when people watch your videos and also subscribe to your channel. 

You become a YouTube partner and get your channel monetized when your channel hits 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. 

You can hit this target by creating consistent content and also creating content with larger search volumes. To obtain the search volumes of different keywords you need to use, you can use websites like and tube buddy.


22- Online Course Creation

Online course creation simply means trying to teach people or a particular audience in need of certain information that you are well versed in for a particular amount but it’s all done online.  From beginner classes to intermediate and even professional classes can be done online with videos and written courses. From course contents to topics are all needed and various niches can be picked. From business, recipes, food, technology, education down to languages can be taught.

Platforms like teachable, thinkific and kajabi are currently the most popular online course creation platforms.


23- Start A Podcast

A Podcast is an audio programme where different topics are discussed and people also send in their comments or questions.

One can make money from online podcasts in Nigeria through partnerships or google AdSense when it’s embedded on a website.



Listed above are 23 businesses you can start and make money online. I hope you read them properly and utilize this information.



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