How To Return To Work Refreshed After The Holidays For Small Business Owners

How To Return To Work Feeling Refreshed After The Holidays For Small Business Owners


After holidays, returning to work can be pretty overwhelming, tiring or outright frustrating. Having time away from work puts the mind at ease and if you are suddenly jolted back to work, the shock of the return might have resonating effects on productivity results. This shock will most likely throw you back into the chaotic state of mind from which you had initially required a break.


After returning from a holiday there is also a possibility for a disconnect in the work vibe and if proper steps are not taken you might end up becoming a drawback for your team or co-workers. The delight of returning to work after the holidays will gradually fade as you end up becoming disgruntled, lost or aloof. The fatigue which you lost during the holiday period will return in multiple folds. This is sad.

Well, to keep refreshed even after you return from holidays, here are a few concrete steps to help you take on the wheels of your job again. 

These steps are broken down into three categories; Pre-Holiday Steps, End of Holiday Preparations and Post Holiday Steps and they help you feel refreshed after the holidays.

How do I feel refreshed after the holiday

STEP 1: Pre-Holiday Ateps

Of course, you should not leave for your holiday like a planet falling off its orbit. We all get excited whenever a vacation or holiday draws near and in such haste, we could forget some very necessary pre-holiday steps. These steps are quite important such that if they are erroneously skipped, returning to work will be a killjoy for the whole holiday idea.

Here are important pre-holiday steps to take;

  • Make a List of all Currently Running Projects  in your Office

Making a list of all currently running projects in your office helps you make an organized priority listing. With an organized priority list, you can make proper decisions concerning projects which will continue to run in your absence. A priority list also allows you to take note of tasks that await you upon your return from holiday. With these tasks at the back of your mind through the holiday, you will have your mind working subconsciously on the project even while you are having a swell time. This priority listing allows you to know the projects or tasks and client meetings that need to be run by a subordinate or coworker while you are away.

  • Delegate Tasks for Projects which Cannot Wait for your Return

The first step naturally leads us to the second which involves delegation of authority to ensure that projects continue smoothly even in your absence. If you are the leader of your team, then delegation or assigning important tasks to other members of your team would require your trust and confidence in the ability of your teammates to complete the task without your presence. 

If you are not the team lead or superior at your workplace, don’t sweat. You just have to find a capable colleague, explain the project to him/her and request that he/she covers for you. Express confidence in that person and do not get worked up about the idea of leaving your project in another person’s arms. Once you are certain that there is someone ready and willing to handle the important tasks and meetings while you are away, make it official by writing a letter to your superior recommending that colleague for running the project until you return. 


If this is done right then you have taken a step in the right direction and you can leave your office smoothly and return without any disconnect.

  • Clean up your Desk before Leaving

Now you are settled with having the important tasks running even while you are away, it is time to deal with junk documents and emails which have plagued your table for so long. Let them walk the plank into a waste bin or a shredder. Good riddance!

And well, you are all set to leave for your holiday!


Step 2: Towards The End Of The Holiday Preparations


Now you have had a wonderful holiday and your free days are gradually winding up. Work and duty begin to ring at the doorbell of your mind. You catch yourself thinking about returning to work and dreading the overwhelming feeling of a full desk. Here are some steps to get you back on track as you return to work.

  • Process Past Tasks

If you find a quiet time during your holiday it is important to rollover your mind about completed tasks/projects and how they were accomplished. When processing these thoughts, have a pen and jotter nearby, with them you can document insights that could help with projects in the future.

Well, this should not be done during family time. That would be a breach of etiquette.

  • Check Your Work Calendar

As the end of the holidays draws closer it is quite necessary to check your work calendar. Take a peek or glance through. Check for scheduled client meetings and tasks that await your return. Look through them and make both mental and physical preparations towards attending those meetings and accomplishing the tasks. Do not let yourself be caught off guard when you return to work. Arm yourself with information and get prepared. Checking your work calendar also allows you to make decisions on meetings that have been rescheduled or on tasks that are no longer relevant.

  • Make A Plan For Resuming

Now it is a few days to your return and it is time to make a return plan. Call your employer and enquire about the progress of the projects you left behind. Look through the list you made before leaving, observe for completed projects on the list and take note of projects which will require you maximum focus upon resumption.

  • Get Enough Sleep And Relax

Relax, it is just the end of a holiday. Stop fidgeting. Control your nerves. Get enough rest from your holiday. Regain your energy.

Rest and sleep are revitalizing. If you have proper rest throughout your holiday, you will be amazed at how vibrant you will be when you return to work. So, sleep, sleep, and sleep!

  • Be Conscious Of Your Mindset

The mind plays a vital role in our reality. What we believe as true often happens as we imagine them to be. It is therefore important to have a positive mindset towards returning to work. Practice positivity every day especially in the days that lead up to your return. Have faith in the subordinate or colleague in whose care you had left your project. Of course, you may dread the pile of work waiting on your table but do not let it overwhelm you. Keep those emotions in check!

STEP 3: Post Holiday Steps


The holidays are over and you are back at your workplace feeling refreshed. You get compliments from coworkers and at the moment you are the vibe in your workplace. Now you have to manage this vibe properly so that you do not get wound up and irritated by everyone who comes around to say welcome back. 

Here are post-holiday steps to take when you are back from the holidays.

  • Clear Up Your Desk Upon Return

Of course, you may have cleaned out before leaving but upon return, some files on your table may no longer be needed and there may be piles of outdated emails or memos on your table. You will need to sort through them. 

Trash files that are no longer needed and arrange useful documents in order of execution.

  • Take Time To Get Organized, Ask For Updates 

Spend an hour or two setting up your office. A disorganized office will only make you disoriented. So set up your office to allow you to think and act fast when the situation calls for it. Tidy your workspace. Check-in on your delegates or stand-ins and schedule a meeting with them. Get the gist of the real-time progress of the projects and make notes from the information you gather.

  • Never Check the Emails First

Checking your office inbox may not sound like a big deal until you return from a holiday. Opening the inbox of your official email should be done when you are relaxed and settled in. Bring up a good strategy to sort through the emails. Mark out important mails which need immediate reply or attention and take care of them as soon as possible.

  •  Relax And Settle In

Once you are done sorting the deluge of emails, relax and gradually settle into your work. 

And well, Welcome Back to Work!




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