About page

I am Linda and this is my blog

All my life, I have always known a 9-5 job wasn’t for me, even If I was going to be anywhere around the 9-5 space, I have always wanted it to be owned by me(a business I mean)

I’ve had countless experiences with so many 9-5 jobs and because of so many reasons ranging from “no time for myself” “excessive stress” ” Insecurity” “overbearing bosses” e.t.c

And  How It Ended?

I had to throw in the towel and quit!

Starting A Blog

I started a blog!

Business has always been my thing because I always loved the idea of doing most things and making money from them.


There are so many things nobody tells you about businesses.

When I started my first blog, I knew nothing about starting a blog. I would always brag about my friend that helped me set up my first blog in DEC 2018. After he was done setting the blog, I wrote down posts and was ready to publish.

On the DAT I launched the blog in high spirits with my self-esteem hitting its peak that this particular blog was going to be successful. I announced on my WhatsApp to all my contacts even though I wanted to keep it anonymous, I told them about it and asked them to criticize me as much as possible without mercy. To receive that much criticism, you must have very high self-esteem +confidence.

My Self Esteem Hasn’t Always Been This High

There is a long story behind it.

I haven’t always had high self-esteem.

My first memory about the whole self-esteem thing came at 6. My entire family had just moved from a state in my home country Nigeria to another state in search of greener pastures.

I am the third of six amazing girls to my parents, Michael and Agnes. We moved from Kaduna to Port-Harcourt in Nigeria.

I have always been one that just wanted to live a quiet life, I hate when people notice me especially if it was for something embarrassing (kids always do embarrassing things). I never acted my age because I always wanted to avoid embarrassment, I would say I grew up faster than kids my age.

A particular event that made me go more into my cocoon was when I was in primary 3 (my country’s school grading system). It was a prize-giving day. Someone else was called out for the first place in my class, I didn’t hear properly, I just heard the surname and forgot that I wasn’t the only one in my class with that surname.

I ran out to the podium and was told it wasn’t me and I just thought about possible ways to die(literally) there on that podium.

Aside from my low self-esteem, I have always been intelligent. I got into college at 15.

After the position is at school, I became

even quieter until I left the school and got into a dormitory.

Then A Revolution

In my senior year in the dormitory in high school, one day, I was walking inside the dormitory and I walked past a human-sized mirror placed there. Before then, I never used to look at that mirror but that particular day I did.

People used to call me “fat” always and I just concluded that I was fat and ugly but that particular day, it was different. That day changed me. That day I just stared at the mirror while I walked past and I had to come back like ” damn who is this girl”!! I was looking at myself. So beautiful! And tons of other affirmations I gave myself and that was it for me.

Since that day, I started expressing myself, talking while others did, although it was a gradual process.

Back To My First Blog

The reason why I decided to settle on starting a blog when I was deciding on business ideas was that I didn’t want any business that would make me talk so much and I have always loved the idea of telling stories even if it was behind a computer. I just wanted a business that would help me share my life experiences and blogging seemed like the best option.

How did it go

My first blog failed woefully at first with mercy.


I took it as a hobby at first. 

Its Pure Psychology

Anything you take as a hobby, you Don’t take it seriously as much as a business.

When I decided to take it as a business, it was already late because I already defined the niche and the audience I had would run away if I just changed the niche, moreover I couldn’t change all my registration I did while starting the blog.  I continued even though I tried to scale it as a business but because of the already chosen niche. It was hard for me and the fact that nobody cares about your life experiences except if you are a celebrity or a very popular person. I gave it up in DEC 2020. After the domain hosting expired, I decided I wasn’t going to renew.

In 2020, I was looking for ways to be free and live life on my terms and not worry about money. A Nigerian popular blogger Linda Ikeji inspires me and I thought to myself; maybe it’s time to start a new blog, set it up like a business with all the knowledge you have gained from the previous one.

With my experience in marketing, designing, web development, SEO and blogging(I have worked in all these sections). I started this blog.

There is nothing you set your mind to do that wouldn’t happen for you. Even though it’s starting a blog or other business ideas to make money from.

If you keep complaining, it doesn’t change anything, just take that particular step to create a change.

Let’s do this.

If you are starting a blog or looking for business ideas, you are in the right place.

Linda Orjiakor