Since 2012 when Linda Ikeji became the first most popular blogger in Nigeria to make so much money from blogging, how do I start a blog in Nigeria since then has become quite a popular search query.

A lot of other bloggers aside Linda Ikeji are also springing up and thriving too and many more would continue to do so because blogging is termed profitable by most persons involved in it.


How Do I Start A Blog In Nigeria


A few years ago, I was new to the whole blogging space and it was overwhelming for me and just a few bloggers then could give out some blogging secrets.

Right now, as a blogger with my experience from building some other of my blogs, I’m going to be giving you detailed steps on how to start a blog in Nigeria, not just any type of blog, but the ones that are valuable to society and also profitable.


In Nigeria, a lot of people tend to just rush right into the most popular niche; entertainment forgetting that other niches are even more profitable.

Stick with me, I’m going to give you simple steps on all of that and all the means to start a profitable blog in Nigeria.


Here are the seven best steps needed to set up a blog in Nigeria