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 A business owner  is one  who breaks the odds by starting a business. Starting a business successfully and keeping it profitable is really a feat to attain. 

There are so many small businesses one can start successfully and thrive without hassle as long as you follow the right business advice.


Here are some examples of small business ideas to make money successfully

1. Blogging As A Business 


A blog is a website where users share their opinions and discuss different topics involving or affecting them.

A blog can be informative, educative,  inspirational, e.t.c.

Blogging is the act of designing and editing a blog.

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Over 2million blog posts are put out daily and trust me, blogging is very competitive, but what in life isn’t?

 First of all start from  deciding to own a blog , actually start a blog by buying domain name and hosting ,

search engine optimization, important plugins, email marketing e.t.c


Blogging is a good step to make money, without the right steps, It would be difficult for you to make money within the first year of blogging, but with the right steps, you are already making money in the first year.


Blogging goes hand in hand with
CONSISTENCY.  Writing a lot of articles, partnering with advertisers and
other bloggers, learning the technicalities involved, finding keywords and learning about SEO, etc. There
are many articles online so you have to make your posts interesting and also keep up with sending emails and freebies to your readers.

I wrote an entire post about blogging, read it here

2. Article Writing As A Business

This can be done freelance or full time for a firm. In either case, to be a able to do article writing as a business or a business owner, one needs to have a good command of the language: grammar, punctuation, communication skills to pass the message across to the audience  plus a flair for writing.

Writing articles lately is really popular and people use some very popular websites like fiverr, upwork, freelancer to bid for jobs, get clients and make more money.

3. Proofreading/Editing

Proofreading and Editing involves making grammar and punctuation corrections on an article, blog post,
research work, term papers and even books etc. with the view of enhancing their readability.


The Editor enhances the work by changing some expressions to properly suit the context and intent of the write
up. It is a very meticulous job and can be done properly with tools like grammarly, Slick write, paper rater, edit minion, boom essays, essayroo e.t.c

4. Content Strategising

A content strategist is key to the online success of any organization. As the name implies, the strategist
organizes the content calendar of an organisation and comes up with ideas for contents that would
reach the target audience. 

Contents are articles or graphic works that appeal to the interest of target
audience . As a content strategist, you can either freelance on platforms like freelancer, upwork, fiverr as a freelancer and plan content strategies  for companies while they pay you or you can work full time in a company as a content strategist planning for that content year.

Some tools needed for content strategizing are hootsuite’s , tailwind, planoly


5. Language Tutoring

Currently, people love to travel and live in different places as opposed to what it used to be. So many people want to learn different languages either because they can brag about being polyglots, they are relocating to a different country to school, parents want their kids to be ground in different languages or for communication between them and their different business partners.


So many people are willing to learn new languages for different reasons and the surge for language tutors are increasing both offline and online. There
are online platforms where any language can be taught, usually to kids and adults.


A perfect understanding of the language of interest is required for this job and then you can start making money there. Most  platforms  require certification, experience and also adhering to their  terms and conditions. An example of this platform is vpkids.


6. Call Centre Representative/Customer Care

Some startups / businesses hire people to pick up their  calls and respond to their emails and they are either paid hourly or according to the amount of calls or emails replied to that day, it all depends on the agreed payment structure.


To be able to make money from being a call centre representative or an online customer care, you need to have good language and communication skills in that official language, be able to work properly  under pressure and still maintain a flow between that customer and yourself.  
This is an online job,  it can be done from home.

You can register on fiverr to start getting gigs.


7. Online Interpreting


For big conferences or events where there are people that can’t understand the spoken language, or for people that have hearing problems, especially if it’s being broadcasted on television or online, an interpreter is placed to use hand gestures or a different language to complete the communication process by passing the information to them in a way they can properly understand. To be able to make money from this, one has to learn sign language or any language of their choice.


8. Being An Author


Writing books just got a new twist.  With the old way of writing books where you have to move from author to editor and then publisher is so stressful. Now there are platforms where all you need is your manuscript and then you can self publish your books on your own on platforms like Amazon KDP, Createspace, Teachable e.t.c When you upload your book, people pay a certain amount of money to gain access to those books and from the agreement reached on those platforms, they pay you according to the agreed percentage.

This is definitely a means of passive income because after you upload your book, people keep reading them as long as they are there and you earn too, all you need do is write your book, hire someone to do his cover art, typesetting, marketing and pricing.

9. PR Writer

A public relations writer is interested in writing press releases for companies and pitching their
interesting information/soundbites to reporters and media houses. It’s a lucrative job if one has the right
network of clients one hand and of media houses on the other. 


10. Freebie Hunter

It’s someone’s job, perhaps part time though. So if you have some time to spare, you could go in search of some free amazon gift cards, and lots of other genuine rewards online. You may
need patience to follow up some of these and the ability to tell the difference between the genuine and
the scam.


11. E-commerce

E-commerce involves selling products online. All you need to do is have products you wish to sell, a platform to sell them and connect to the
right customers through digital marketing.

An example of a good place to sell products is Shopify. Shopify gives you the online shop layout like a website where you can edit to your taste, checkout/ payout columns, confirmation of order columns. Shopify is the best so far for people who want to start an e-commerce/ online shop.

12. Survey Taker

With the increase in various kinds of statistics and findings people are being paid just to honestly answer
a few simple questions. You answer questions ranging from general issues like politics to private issues as
the kind of toothpaste you love using. The work could get monotonous and boring sometimes. Plus, pay is usually low in the wrong platforms, but it can be a good side hustle with the right guide and platform


13. User Tester

With the surge in websites and apps, developers want to know the perception of the user and
sometimes come up with a demo to be tested before rolling out the main ones.

You can run user tester as a business or a business owner. The job here is to give your opinion about the interface sometimes via voice notes or video. It does not yield a steady stream of
income though, so, it cannot be done full time

14. Life/Career Coaching

This is a very good business to start with and become a business owner. You can be somebody’s online mentor as most persons these days are in need of as much as a little push.
Online coaching is usually born and borne out of a desire to help people. To do this, you may need to
network to various financial and perhaps social opportunities that people do not really know about, such
knowledge will be profitable to your client. But, most importantly, you would have more chances if you’re a popular person or a successful person. Well these too are relative and could depend on how
you market yourself as a personal brand.


15. Craft Creator

If you have itchy fingers and love producing crafts, there’s a global market for you. All you need to do is
be able to market them efficiently. There are also platforms dedicated to these kinds of ideas. Anything
from beads to portrait crafts to paper crafts can sell online


16. Social Media Influencer

Some social media influencers don’t see what they do as a business or see themselves as business owners . A social media influencer is someone who is in another level of marketing. It is not really about
pretending to be rich as some people believe it to be. Social media influencers grow their audience
usually by direct interaction with them or the general posts they make. They also put up quality social
media (usually Instagram) pictures of clothes made by a designer they are marketing. Or travel to beautiful  destinations and upload the beautiful pictures afterwards. With increase in followers, they now wait for brands to advertise with them or go after those brands themselves with great pitches and offers.



17. Graphic Design

Pretty much the most lucrative job online right now. But, it’s for those with an eye for good design and
skill plus software proficiency. Combining these with good managerial and marketing skills could land
you a full time job that could be purely online. Good networking with companies is also wonderful. Big and small brands always have the need to advertise via eye catching designs, so as long as there’s advert,
there is business.

18. Photography

Yeah, photography. It may seem not be an online job as you can actually need to go out to get those
pictures. But, there’s a huge market for those pictures online. Pictures can be sold as stock photos on
some websites or you can sell them yourself via your own platform. This could easily be a high paying
job if you are very skillful with the camera and perhaps some softwares like Photoshop.

19. Photo Editing/Retouching

Asides photography, there’s also a market for skilled photo editors as there are people requesting for a
retouching of photos already taken. Some people want something in the background removed others
I want a better look or appearance to these pictures. With skill and proficiency in photo editing softwares
like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., this could easily turn into a high earning full time or part time job


20. Video Editing/Creating

Video editing is one of the fastest growing jobs online, with the rate at which videos are taking over everything.

You can become a business owner by editing videos for big and small brands alike. Brands and companies need explainer videos for promotions and campaigns. A skill in this line and good marketing and promotion could land you some good paying clients. 


21. Social Media Management

If you can’t get enough of “chatting” on social media, you could probably turn that into a career by
managing the accounts of some organizations. By just managing social media posts, managing online
campaigns and reporting related analytics, you could actually earn your place on social space. You will
need to demonstrate your experience of social media platforms. This is also a high paying job and can ve
done part time depending on how many organisation platforms you are managing


22. Search Engine Evaluation

This kind of job usually shows up at PeoplePerHour, Appen, Lionbridge and Upwork. It’s a pretty
complex task but it is also well sought after. The job involves studying the quality of results that appear for
a particular online query. This is known as ranking. That is, you evaluate how a website is “ranked”
based on certain words searched for and then help your client meet up that ranking or even beat it.
Being a search engine evaluator requires a great deal of attention to detail.


23. Web Design

The world wide web cannot get enough of websites. Many companies are out to get theirs and one can
easily land this kind of job online. Okay I know your fear, coding. Well yeah, you need to know that but
There is WordPress that lets you customise some templates of theirs. This knowledge, however is in
public domain, so clients may just need something more original and that is when you need to code
yours. Aside knowing how to code, you need to have an eye for good UI/UX design and a keen
attention to details as the job could be very technical.


24. App Creation

Aside having a website, companies also want to simplify payment, provide excellent customer service
and have a good platform for notifications. So, the popular way to achieve this is to plant their apps in
the phones of their customers. This is where app developers come in. From eye catching and easy to use
user interface to the technical aspects like coding, app developers have their work cut out for them. A good
The place to find clients is in freelance platforms where this kind of skill is well sought for. The pay is also good.
Skills in Swift, C++, C#, Java, Objective C and HTML5, will do a world of good.


25. Technical Support Agent

A tech agent can get individual clients of their own on freelance platforms but, it’s best to be hired by big
companies. It is said that Apple hires tech support agents online. These agents help end users solve little
issues arising from the use of softwares and/or hardwares. So if you have a keen interest in tech, you
will most likely enjoy assisting people with their tech issues. The task could range from simple to
complex. The qualifications could also range from none to a certificate from CompTIA and Microsoft.

26. IT Consultant


If you work internally for an IT agency, you could take your experience online and be your own boss by
providing consultancy services to clients depending on your area of expertise  via video conferencing.


27. Programmer/Developer

Programming jobs have a large market. From novices to pros, there are clients available. Many freelance
websites feature this kind of job opportunity. So many big companies when they are handling real  projects and don’t want to employ more people, source for freelance programmers. Programmers earn good money depending on the programming language learned.  A good knowledge in different programming languages is

Also, experience and working for a reputable agency could make your portfolio more attractive.


28. Sales Writing

Sales writing or Copy writing involves writing persuasive ads to draw customers. It’s usually combined
with graphics design and clients are willing to pay a lot of money for it.


29. Translating/Transcribing

If you are multilingual, you could put your skills to good use by taking manuscripts of business
documents and translating. Yeah, there’s Google translate for everyone to use but, a human translator is
often more efficient  In some Asian countries where google translator cannot do so much. Some companies actually place translators on their payroll, but you can work on it
freelance on various freelance platforms. You also need to be good in the spoken language, it could
come in handy. Clients may want to know if the language is your mother tongue or if live in the area of
the spoken language or if you have a certificate for learning the language


30. Affiliate Marketing

This is closely related to blogging and vlogging. Here, you earn commissions for recommending products for sale to
your audience via your blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook. You create a referral link and whenever they use your link to buy that product or order that service, you earn for every sale made. Here you need to own blogs and
websites that rank very well based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have enough viewers and subscribers for your YouTube channel to be able to make enough money from it.


31. Live Chat Operative

Many customers would prefer to chat up a customer care representative than to call them. So certain
organizations now adopt this system by outsourcing the job to freelancers online. You may need to
have a good knowledge of the company you’re working for and have good spelling & typing skills in
in addition to an overall command of the language and customer care skills. The down side to this job is
that it is low paying.


32. Community Moderators

This is similar to the Live Chat Operative. Only, in this case, you’ll be moderating group chats for
organisations, making sure everyone is entertained while also keeping rule breakers and spammers at
bay. It can be done freelance or full time.


33. Online Teaching

You could teach people online and earn a good amount of
money. Students often need revision classes from the comfort of their phones. If you can meet this need. It could be done part time or full time depending on how you choose to
run it. You may also have live classes or downloadable courses. You can use the following platforms for
your tutorials: Preply and Wyzant


34. Course Creation

Aside from teaching academic subjects, you could also create courses for skills you have. Whether it is how to
play a piano or martial arts, step by step courses could be created in downloadable video or live stream
sessions. Camtasia, thinkific,  and Teachable are good platforms to begin.


35. Typing

A lot of people actually need some information typed. Although, somehow, technology is reducing how
much of this kind of work that is available, one can still make good money while it lasts. Clickworker is a
good platform to begin a job like this.


36. Transcription

Typing out audio recordings is a lucrative job that is readily available online. You’ll need to have good
listening skills and be able to type fast for this kind of job. There are also areas of specialization in this
field. Some technical areas like medicine (transcribing medications for patients), cryptocurrency,
Software development requires some specialization to accurately transcribe.


37. Recruitment Consultant

Usually, those who do this job were once working in the Human Resources Management of companies
and must have gained experience in recruiting employees for the company. With all the experience
garnered in the field they can now work solo for any small firm or agency online. You get paid for
employing people.


38. Accounting/Bookkeeping

Though accounting practices differ from country to country, some companies still need someone to keep record of their transactions. For the sake of transparency, companies like to outsource this kind of jobs which could lead to hiring accountants on contract basis, even online. Experience and networking
are great assets in this kind of online job.


39. Currency Trading or Cryptocurrency Trading

Here you get to trade currencies of different countries or various cryptocurrencies with the aim of
profiteering. Forex is actually broader than currency trading. You get to trade other “digital assets” in
Forex. Either ways, it is a business that could land you a fortune in real time if you know what you’re doing. However, you could lose all you’ve got in a blink if you’re not careful. It’s always best to learn the
business very well before venturing into it yourself so that you can know when to make those
professional calls.


40. Rental services

There are platforms where one can rent cars, houses, spaces e.t.c . Uber, taxify, lyft, air bnb,  are all parts of rental services . You can probably do the same here, all you need to do is get the write papers for agreements, advertise on different platforms if you’re going to do it independently or get registered on platforms that are already renting properties as a service.


41. Panel Participant

Similar to survey taking, in this job, you get to be interviewed via phone calls or video calls or physical
meet up based on your knowledge and expertise. While survey taking may not give you the much desired
fame and money, this one projects you to the public as an expert in a particular field. Again, you’ll have
to network properly and make good use of your social space to talk about your ideas


42. WhatsApp TV

Lately, this has been very popular. It is a WhatsApp account that serves to entertain and or
educate viewers (of the status section). People will always seek to be entertained, especially when
there’s no one to chat with. When they are entertained, you can sell anything to them. This is where the
business lies. Advertising. You advertise for people and get paid. A good WhatsApp TV engages it’s viewers. 


Generally speaking, 1000 viewers is a fair chance to get people to advertise. Hence, it also
involves building your contact list


43. Remote Pharmacist

The medical field can also operate online. Pharmacists can interact with patients online, diagnose them
and deliver the needed medications to them afterwards. This field is actually for the trained and the
professionals. Some hospitals abroad do hire remote pharmacist to take healthcare to those who may
not be able to make it to the hospital


44. Medical Transcription

As mentioned earlier about transcription, some transcription jobs require some degree of specialization.
This one does. One would need to have an experience in a medical related field such as secretary or PA
to a doctor. It involves typing out what is said by a doctor. This will require typing speed, good listening
ability and familiarity with some medical terms


45. Online Counseling or Therapy

This is also a job that makes you interact with people, giving them good health advice and counseling.
Skype is a popular video conferencing software used for this.


46. Forex Trading


As stated earlier in Currency trading, Forex trading is quite technical and would require a good
understanding of what to do if one does not want to lose all his money. So, get a good training and if you
I think you can analyse the money and commodities market indices, then go for it.


47. Sales Representative

Before now, being a sales representative was very frustrating. One would wake up in the morning, wear a suit and off they go into the streets to look for customers for the different products they sell. Things are different now,  people  just network and meet customers online. Companies that want to sell their products hire sales representatives. Some of these sales reps are actually paid salaries while
Some others earn commissions per every product they sell.


48. Account Managing

Like the Sales representatives, to be an account manager one must be able to sell. But the kind of selling
done in this case is between companies rather than between a company and individuals. Just like in the
In the case of transcription, some specialization would give one an edge especially in tech and medical fields.
One also must be determined and be able to do good follow up of companies keeping good relationship
with them.


49. Virtual Assistants

Companies and some individuals with very tight schedules may need some tasks done. Tasks like
booking a flight, managing schedules, doing some administrative tasks, booking a hotel, etc. A virtual
assistant is like a Personal Assistant (PA) only this time from the virtual space. In other countries, VAs
work per hour (as is usually the case in other jobs). It’s a very busy task managing other people’s work
while still promoting your virtual assistant business online


50. Nutritionists

Have you ever been so worried about your weight that you go to your browser and search “how to lose
weight” or “how to gain weight”? Well many people do. With all the emphasis these days on eating a
healthy diet, many people need proper guidance on what is really healthy for them. And there you go,
dishing out your knowledge of various foods and their effect on the body. People would pay to consult
you. You can even create a bestseller (write a book on nutrition) and promote it online to generate
passive income. 


51. Voice Over Artist:


With the era of videos being a very serious thing, voice over artists are in serious demand. From mimicking characters, to cartoon characters, radio jingles, adverts, voice over for YouTube videos, funny videos, subtitle’s and so many more. Becoming a voice over artist involves you having a peculiar or seemingly different voice or ability to switch voices.

Voice over artists can get gigs from fiverr, freelancer, up work e.t.c


52.Lemonade/Fresh Juice stand:


So many people underestimate owning a fresh juice stand. With the way everyone is going about  FITFAM and eating healthy, fresh juice stands are thriving and making money.

To start this type of business, aside from the equipment, you just need a small space to set up and you are good.


53.Webtoon artists: 


So many people love toons, I love a good toon and its story too. Webtoon artists draw cartoon characters using adobe illustrator, clip studio paint, krita, sketch e.t.c, upload them on their platform(mostly websites) then write little comments/stories about them that leaves their readers intrigued and in suspense and makes them anxiously wait for the next episode or series.

Webtoon artists make money from sponsored ads on their platforms, as advert publishers and making each reader pay before they can access their webtoons(subscriptions).This is a very lucrative way to make money online.


54.Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services: 


So many people don’t know how lucrative this business is. Although there are already some people here, it still gives room for others. With everyone being busy working and making money, people no longer have the time to do their laundry and even when they have  some time off work, they want to use it to rest and catch up on their favourite shows. 


As one trying to start a laundry/drycleaning service, you need to know about fabrics and which stain removers and detergent  works for which fabric and which doesn’t and also keep time to deliver each of the laundered clothing. 


You can market your dry cleaning business with any of the social media/ digital platforms(or hire a digital marketer here and drive customers to your laundry shop and also do deliveries like going to pick clothes from your customers and returning them.


55.Cooking Gas Refill:


Food is something everyone needs and to cook, we need gas to fill our cylinder exceptions for people using electric cookers. To make money from this, you need a big gas cylinder, an industrial scale to measure the amount of gas and a lock up shop.

You can also do gas deliveries to different household and food companies. Advertise your business and start making money.


56.Meal Based Restaurants:


Ever noticed  local restaurants that cook only a particular kind of food and the moment you get there, there is already a queue of people waiting for those inside to come out so they can go in.

Running a meal based local restaurant is a good way to make money, you pick one meal people will always eat irrespective of their pockets and the weather, learn how to cook it or hire someone that cooks that meal excellently, get a space for your restaurant, start your business and make money.


57.Shawarma Hut:


 I wasn’t really familiar with the middle eastern wrap called shawarma until about four years ago I had a taste of it.

An average shawarma in my country is sold for 1,000 Naira which is about $2.5 .You can learn how to make this from youtube, open a kiosk because shawarma is a grab and go snack, it doesn’t need a big place for sit outs.


58.Snack On The Go Van’s:


This business involves preparing so many types of snack from popcorns, burritos, Taco’s, muffins e.t.c and selling them in a van. To make money from this particular business, you don’t need an open space, you need a van to carry around your snacks, money for gas for your van and knowledge of how to make those snacks from YouTube. The advantage of this business is that you don’t need to pay for rent.


59.Digital Marketers: 


I know someone that makes $4,000 monthly from freelancing for so many companies as a digital marketer. Digital marketing is just like marketing everyone knows about but unlike the normal marketing, this particular one is done on the online space. 


From facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter posts, run adverts for them online, brief their customers about their latest promotions, freebies, and products to everything done on their online space.

They use softwares like tailwind, planoly, hoot suite e.t.c to schedule posts on their social media handles and email softwares to send promotions to their customers via email. 


You can freelance on fiverr, upwork, freelancer e.t.c as a digital marketer and make so much money online.



60. Investing: 


The famous Warren Buffet made  so much of his money from Investments. There are so many genuine investment platforms to invest your money and get great returns. Investment is a great way to make money although sometimes the market  drops and some other times it rises but having a keen eye for investments that are most likely to give good returns and remain stable is needed. 


Piggyvest is an investment app I use although the currency and investments are in naira.


Before investing with any platform, double check so as not to lose money.


61.Box Services:


You can make money by running a box service. All you need to do is wrap gifts and have different surprise packages for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christmas gifts e.t.c .

People call you to surprise their loved ones with different boxes of gifts and in turn pay you for your services.

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