Still thinking of how to make a living blogging?
Blogging is quite a decision to make and it doesn’t just end with that, you also have to put in tons of efforts starting a blog.

I have been there on so many occasions asking my self several question on how to make a living from my blog. This question is definitely not just asked by me, but also several other people.

So many people start their blogs for different reasons from wanting to have a voice to sharing their stories or ideas and also making money thereby making a living from blogging.

The latter is actually the reason why so many people want to start a blog but not so many people know that it requires a lot more than just putting out Posts and waiting for the Post to do the numbers themselves. Nah, they won’t!

Any successful blogger home and abroad, who makes a living blogging, if they are to be honest with you, got to where they are currently with hard work, consistency and a good plan for their blog.

Not just consistently putting out posts but consistently trying to make their posts better, being up to date with SEO (search engine optimization, and a good monetization plan for their blog.

If you are not planning to be any of these, honestly you should just quit already, because there are lots of competitors out here and there are millions of blogs already( this is not to discourage you, but to make you make a firm decision to start and take it seriously) .

Ways To Make A Living Blogging

Before you decide to take a step to start your own blog, just like any other business, you need a How to make a living blogging plan:

Here is a good plan on how to make a living blogging

1: Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

While trying to make a living blogging, choosing a niche for your blog is one of the most important steps, because this will determine if your blog would be long term or short term and the kind of visitors you would be getting on your site and means of monetization.

A niche basically is what your blog would be about, it could be a lifestyle blog, about finance, investment’s, tech, marketing, frugal living, travel e.t.c .

First of all I’m going to say this from personal experience, if you are trying to start a blog about yourself, the truth is, nobody actually cares about you except you are quite popular or a celebrity.

Secondly, people want solutions to their problems, answers to their questions and help to their needs.

People want to read about things that will help them or be of value to them like increasing their finances, cooking different dishes, better ways to save and invest, spend less while they travel e.t.c.

So while starting a blog, you should look out for a problem solving and solution based niche.

Thirdly, while you have chosen your niche or niches, do not stray so much from it. Always make sure all the posts that are published on your blog do not leave your niche and they are not too broad.

How to make a living blogging

2:Money Goals For Your Blog

This is the most important part while you search for means on how to make a living blogging.

Starting a blog is just like starting a business, you need a plan for everything including how you will make money from this business (blogging) and how you spend the money you make from blogging.

We all know money is the second most powerful thing aside from oxygen and the aim of every business is first to make money. Aside from the fact that you have to create a brand and all that. Imagine a good brand without money, there is nothing good about that honestly.

So make plans on how you are going to make money from your blog early.

There are a lot of ways to set money goals and earn passively thereby making a living from your blog.

Here are some ways to earn money from your blog :

3:Marketing Goals For Your Blog

Just like starting a business, you will also require a marketing plan and set marketing goals while you think on how to make a living blogging.
Some companies like Hubspot, Aweber, e.t.c offer full marketing options.
You should decide if you want your traffic to be just organic or you want blog traffic from social Media also, you need all the website traffic you can get, no traffic is too much traffic.

For organic traffic, you will need to take your search engine optimization and take link building seriously.
But if you want to focus on social media traffic, you will be needing apps like hootsuite, planoly, tailwind to automatically schedule posts and publish them.

In my opinion, you should set up your blog for all of them.
An important part of marketing too is email marketing. Email marketing helps you reach your audience by sending them personalized mails and it helps them feel like they are closer.
Some companies offer email marketing service, marketing better for you like Convert kit, Mailer lite, Zapier, Mailchimp, Aweber, Hubspot.


4: Content Creation/Creating Posts For Your Blog

This is the part where you have to decide if you are going to create the contents(posts/ articles) yourself or you will hire someone to do that.
To be honest, if you are to make a living blogging, creating a good SEO adherent post of over 5000 words can take you nothing less than 5–6 hours, from keyword research to writing and also making sure your keywords are in the right proportion in your post) and trust me, it can be very tiring and exhausting.
If you take 8hours to create posts in a day, how about time for other things.

In my opinion, I would say hire a ghost writer or ghost writers to do the writing for you, while you do the editing of your posts. There are so many sites to hire good ghost writers and niche based writers from.

Here are some sites to hire ghost writers and freelance writers from

Ghost writing is actually your way out. Imagine Mark Zuckerberg writing lines of codes at facebook, I don’t think so!
That’s unimaginable when he has a lot of developers, rather he would be going for board meetings and looking for collaborations.

Same way you should hire people to write for you because your blog is also a business and should be taken seriously.
Also decide on your post consistency for instance; if you are going to publish a post everyday or once a week and decide what day it would be and the time too.

Other Steps You Need On How To Make A Living Blogging

1.Deciding A Domain Name:

Your domain name while starting a blog will affect everything about your blog. You shouldn’t pick a domain name that sounds techy and begin to publish food posts or food recipes.
Choosing names as a whole are quite difficult for humans, but here are some factors that should guide you while choosing a domain name.
Choose a domain name that is easy to remember
Do not choose domain names that are too long that are too long
.com and .net are quite popular and easier as a suffix for blog domains than any other.

Use my bluehost link to get domain name and hosting for as low as $3.95/month

Security On Your Website: Next time you login to a website scroll up to the search bar and check if there is a padlock icon beside it the search icon after and also check the site protocol.
The page is loaded for a secured site, you will see a locked padlock icon on the search bar beside the website link and also the website link would begin with “https”.
We all know there can never be too much security on your blog or any online platform.
This is called (SSL) secured security language and it gives your blog visitors confidence that your blog is very much secured and their information is very much safe with you.
Many companies you buy domain (bluehost link) name and hosting (bluehost link) from also feel their SSL services to you.

Buying a domain name and getting your website hosted
After you have followed the rules for choosing a domain name, you need to buy that domain name before someone else does.
After buying the domain name also, you need to get your website hosted too.
I know a couple of good web hosting companies that are really reliable and you get same percent % off when you use my link and they have the fastest speed and very easy to are some other great options for you:
Site ground
A2 hosting

Once your payment for your domain name, hosting and SSL has been confirmed, you get a mail from the service company and within 24 hours – 48hours
or sometimes almost immediately, you get a mail containing your login details to your control panel and every password and username required

2.Pick A Simple Theme For Your Blog Or Website

The first thing you notice besides a post on a blog is the blog design. The colours, images, layouts, font type, font sizes, user experience, all these are embedded in the blog theme.
A theme displays the designs of what a blog should look like.

Different blog themes for different niches,there are so many beautiful themes to pick from and one thing about WordPress is that it’s very easy to install the themes on WordPress.

Here At Some Very Beautiful Sites You Can Pick Simple WordPress Themes From:

Elementor/Elementor Pro
Theme forest
Elegant themes

There are so many free themes to pick from but if you are looking for something unique with premium features. Themes make your blog/website very attractive especially if the colours are blond properly.

3. Installing Important Plug-in On Your Blog

A word press plug-in is something that adds new functionality to your word press site or extends existing functionality on your site.”

Culled from

Plug-ins need to be installed on WordPress to be able to function. There are over 50,000 free plugins and
and also much more paid plugins.
Plugins help your WordPress site function properly and enhance smooth operation of your WordPress site.
From login security, to SEO, to e–commerce on your site, there are so many plugins to install, but some are more important than the others
Login Security plugin
Wp– Security
Yoast SEO plugin
Rank maths SEO plugin
Share plugins

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever wondered why when you search for something on a browser using a search engine and the search engine result page loads and some blogs don’t even appear on the first, second and even third of that page, while some do.
SEO is the internet currency, this is all SEO.

SEO involves a lot, from installing an SEO plugin like Yoast, Rank math to adhering to their SEO rules, link building using guest posts, adding alt tags to the images used on your post, using keywords with lower search difficulty on the title and body of the post and many more.
Link building: having links to your blog from other blogs with high domain authority gives the search engine the perception that your blog is authentic.
Keyword Research: Before you put down a title for any post, you need to do some more keyword research with some tools like Semrush, Ahref,, and many.

When you input any keyword on any of the keyword research tools,you need to check the following things:
How much traffic that keyword drives, any keyword that drives less than 1000 monthly is definitely not something you should be lookin out for if you want to have thousands of traffic to your blog every month.
Search difficulty of those keywords: Search difficulty explains if it would be easy to rank for those keywords or not. Words with very high search difficulty are usually very competitive, but it is very easy to switch up those words and use another word that gives the same meaning but with a lower search difficulty.

How to make a living blogging

5.Creating Your Pillar Posts

Pillar posts on your blog are the most important posts. They contain properly researched keywords and they are usually the most lengthy post on your blog, for those marketing this is a good place to input your links.

While starting your blog or looking for how to make a living blogging,

here are good steps to remember while writing a really good pillar post.


  • Proper Keyword Research:

    Since this is going to be one of the most competitive pages on your blog, you should do proper keyword research while writing your post.
    Using your semrush or Ahref, you should search for keywords with more traffic >1,000, low keyword difficulty(40 and below) .


  • SEO In Your Images:

    Always remember to add the SEO keyword as alt text to your images.


  • Proper Research On That Topic:

    Always make sure you do proper research on any post you are making even if it’s not a pillar post.


  • Proper SEO Practice:

    Make sure the researched keywords appear at least six times in your post, make sure the researched keyword is in your title.


  • Make sure the researched keyword is in your SEO description outline

  • Make sure your posts are interlinked i.e you have links to other posts all from your blog.

  •  Make sure you have links from other blogs also on your blog.

  • Create Quality Content:

    Create content that people are looking for and even if you can’t do the writing you should seek help or hire ghost writers from fiverr, freelancer, Upwork,problogger, so many places to get good writers from.

To start your blog all you need is to get hosting and domain name and then start the other steps one baby step at a time.

Use my bluehost link to get hosting for as low as $3.95/ month here

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